Codecademy and beyond

I agree with my cohort, Richelle: Codecademy was finicky and frustrating. However, I am grateful to have had some preparation before the Field-school to play around with HTML and JS. HTML is fairly straightforward, like learning a new language. .. the phrases one needs to find the bank, restroom, water, and ice cream. The fundamentals, but JS is like learning a new grammar and that takes time to apply the rules correctly.

Codecademy is always there and available to reference at ones fingertips. It set an expectation for the CHI experience. During the first week I was intimidated by the technology in spite of the realization the only way to learn is to dive into the alphabet soup of HTML and JS.  During the first week of CHI, one was required to have faith in the process and trust where our instructor was leading us. While we had opportunities to play with HTML and JS, as well as WordPress, GitHub, Bootstrap, and Text Wrangler, just to name a few, we were informed of their functions and purposes. Concurrently, we made things which allowed us to embody what we were learning from knowledge shared from our instructor and codecademy.

Each day was different: frustrating, satisfying, exciting, fatiguing, and we as learners were invited to share our experiences in real-time which for me, empowered me to keep trying….as I hopefully emerge out of the analog mire.

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