D. Chander Week One-Block Map

I chose to survey the area between Grand River Avenue and Hillcrest Avenue. This area is teeming with life. I observe a woman, pushing her child in a stroller, 2 students, presumably college age, strolling together Biggby iced coffees in hand, and a middle aged man biking. There are 3 traffic lights on this stretch and the area is undergoing some construction. To one side there is Crunchy’s bar, home of some East Lansing’s best burgers, beer and pizza nugs. There doesn’t appear to be more than a handful of cars parked near the bar, however. Makes sense because it’s the dead of summer and it’s 2:37 pm on a Wednesday. Next door there is a Biggby coffeehouse. It’s notable since it’s the original Biggby location and it’s open 24 hours a day. It’s quite packed. Through the window it appears as though it’s full of mostly college students, what might be a professor, and a couple of women on a coffee run. There are some apartments on the right side and a Goombas pizza across the street. The apartments appear to be housing for college students or maybe young adults who work in the Lansing/East Lansing area. Further down the street at the intersection of N. Harrison and Michigan/Grand River Avenue stands the large, pristine blue-shuttered Delta Gamma Sorority House. A few cars are parked around the area, including a couple Jeeps, and pearly white Audi. Further down the street and to the right is the Psi Upsilon fraternity. It’s slightly obscured by some trees, but it is too massive to miss. Around this area are many quaint homes, belonging to students, faculty, and families.

I chose this area because I think it captures an almost off-campus point of view. It shows food establishments that college students frequent, pizza and coffee are almost necessary for most college students to get through tough classes, early mornings and all-nighters. It shows a bit of the nightlife, since Crunchy’s is a bar that students enjoy from time to time, although it isn’t as popular as Rick’s or Harper’s. I think some students decide to participate in Greek Life as well, while other’s simply choose to party at the Fraternity houses. I was focusing on day-to-day activities and I had the social life of the average college student in mind when I chose to survey this area.


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  1. I enjoyed how you paid close attention to the area and time in which you were visiting to explain why there were a lack of people at Crunchy’s. While I liked your description of the places, the people seemed to fall flat to me. I think it would be beneficial to explain why you thought the people you saw were students or a professor? Things such as apparel and if they are carrying backpacks or not could help in your descriptions. I did enjoy your description of the Greek life houses and thought it was beneficial to hear you describe why you chose this area. Having been in this area before I would have liked more detail describing the area or buildings. I know there are more buildings in that immediate area so why are the ones you picked significant? I did enjoy the details you provided, I just feel there are more to the area.

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