E. Porter – Week One – Block Map

Today I observed a portion of Red Cedar Rd. that is located in East Lansing, Mi. from 12:30 pm to a little after 2:00 pm. The segment of the road that I studied started at the edge of Wells Hall and ended at the parking lot for IM West, a local gym, across the street. The position that I observed from was the CATA bus stop that sat near the middle of the area. The street itself curves down a long but gentle hill as it follows the river that it was named after, the Red Cedar River. A strip of trees that continues behind Wells Hall mostly blocks the river along with a bridge from view. Along with Wells Hall, other buildings that are on this road is the iconic Spartan Stadium, the Central Service building, the old Shaw Lane Power Plant building, and IM West. Since all of the mentioned buildings that were just mention save for Wells Hall are located on the opposite side of the street, the space on my side was taken up by the sidewalk with a 2-way bicycle lane right next to it. There are also trees spread throughout the area as well.

The street itself is quite busy with traffic. Though it is not necessarily considered a main road on campus, in the portion of time that I observed this I’ve noted that at least 185 cars travel on it. Taking into account that some of these might be the same car just traveling in another direction, the amount is closer to 150. Due to the fact that there was construction going on between the roads of the Central service building and the Spartan Stadium, people who were traveling by car or by some other means (bike, walk, etc.) were doing their best to avoid it. Most of the people who were traveling down this road were wearing “summer apparel” i.e. shorts, tank tops, sandals. This was happening even though most of them were walking in front of Wells Hall which is the main math building on campus.  Quite a few of the people that I was observing had backpacks with them, indicating the possibility that they were either a student or a teacher and that they were on their way to/from class. Other people who were walking included a few joggers, an elderly couple, and a lady who was walking her two dogs. At one point, Michigan State Facilities went to the sidewalk across the street with a pickup truck filled with soil and dumped it on the sidewalk next to the grass. They then proceed to fill a hole in the ground with it. There was even a group of students who stopped in front of Wells to feed 2 squirrels.

 As far as the type of area this street was, it is obvious that although this was a common street, it was located in a wealthy part of the city. This can be said due to  the fact that not only the type of people who were walking down the street, but also the fact that it was being cared for as seen with Facilities and how they were gardening. Even though all of this was happening, it can also be said that the people fitted the environment quite well. Even with the construction and warm weather, it seems like it was natural for them


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