N. Ance- Week One- Map of a Block

The block I am observing is the block on Abbot Road in front of the Michigan State Union building. It has two one way roads, one going south, another going north, with sidewalks on both sides of the road. Cars are parked all on both sides of the road, and as well as in a small semi-circle area in front of the west side of the Union building. In-between the two roads is

a strip of land with trees and bushes that separates the roads, which are also connected by two turnarounds. The trees in that strip are very young and newly planted, construction has been done recently to replace the trees with smaller, healthier ones. To the left and right of the bench I am sitting on are two large light posts, in front of me is the semi-circle with a lot of cars and in the middle there are a lot of plants and bushes. There are many cars parked along the road, with a lot coming from out of state. This is not unusual considering the size of the university and the fact that orientation for new students is going on, so many parents come to the union and visit.

You can tell who the new students are parents are because they usually are carrying maps and asking each other where they are (most of them are actually lost). One parent actually asked me where the dairy store was, another where the credit union was (both located in the union). The street is fairly busy from when I observed from 12pm-1pm. Some people were going into the union to study or get ice cream, it was around eighty degrees today so a lot of kids and parents came into the union and left with ice cream.

Across from the west side of the Union and across the road are two dorm buildings, Campbell and Landon hall. Both are surrounded by trees and bike racks, three floors tall, and have a much older feel to them. Since they are in the west circle area of campus, along with the union, this makes sense because it is the oldest part of campus. The windows of the residence halls have a green on the outside of them, a rusted copper color which adds to the vintage feel of the building. The Union has ivy growing up to the second floor that has seemingly been growing for ages. There is a rock on the west side of the building, a commemoration of when the building was built, on the lawn in front of a tree. In the background Beaumont Tower can be heard chiming every quarter hour, and birds and squirrels going about. Many of the squirrels are unafraid of people coming around and freely walk wherever they want. Much of the grass is dead or dying, the plants and trees are alive however. A lot of bees circle around all of the plants and buzz around me and people coming and going. The occasional bunny hops by, but only for a few seconds before retreating into the bushes.

Map of a Block

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