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Hi everyone,

I understand that posting media has been difficult.  I have been trying myself all morning with little success.  Those who have successfully posted it, could you post how you did it so others can try that method as well.  I’m in contact with the site administrators to try to resolve the problem.  No one will lose points for not being able to upload a picture for this assignment.  Sorry for the technical difficulties.


2 thoughts on “Posting Media

  1. #DEON I originally tried to upload media to my blog roughly 30 times with little luck. I also tried on two different computers and two different browsers. Additionally, I cleared my browsing history after reading some helpful hints on a WordPress forum. None of these things seemed to help, however, when I woke up this morning and tried it again, the picture was uploaded on the first attempt, no problem. It seems the best thing to do is to be patient and try again after letting some time pass.

    • Maybe it was a glitch in the site, because I was having issues too in trying to solve the problems. I am still in contact with the class management to try to solve this issue. I’m glad you finally had success.

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