X. Ba0 – Week One – Block Map

The street I observed named “Tong Zhi Street” which locates in my hometown ChangChun, China. The street is busy and famous in my hometown because many young adolescents and teenagers like to hang out there. My first time to visit there in this summer was on July 6th 1:00 pm with my friends. I walked down the street and observed it carefully.

The street is not too broad; there are only four lines of cars can pass through the two opposite directions. There is a long white mental barrier as a line form to split the street into two parts. People and cars come from different direction based on the fence. There are many physical structures on the both sides of the street, and they represent different business. The two national banks locate in the ahead of the street on the right side. And a big fitness center is right across the banks. There are two shops next to the fitness center, which is selling the gym products. And the building next to the banks is an after school training school for young students. After the students taking the extra classes, they would like to hang out and buy something to eat. So there are many restaurants and selling snacks on the street. Because there is many young people like to visit this street, the restaurants and stores are attractive and stylish.

To observe the street better, I also chose a night to visit it. The second time I visited is on July 7th around 6:00 pm and I came back around 10:00 pm. Around 6pm-10pm, there are many people would take some accessories, artifacts, and other interesting products out to sell. They do not need to pay for the tenement, and other people would like to buy the stuff from there because they are adorable and cheap, and they consider those individual businesses as a “night market.” So the sellers and buyers cause the “Tong Zhi” Street to have a lot of traffics during the nighttime. People who want to hang out the street at night would like to call a taxi rather than drive there.



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  1. This is a great depiction of the type of activity that occurred on the street. I think it is dry interesting that you are in China now, with your friends and family, while I am in Michigan. I’m sure the street you were on had a completely different ambiance than those in Michigan, or in the US in general for that matter, due to the different culture and location. You did a good job of explaining the landscape of the street. It was easy for me to picture the way that the block was arranged, with the different businesses and stores. It was good that you described the way the restaurants and stores try to draw people in, as it was a commercial area, and said businesses depend on the amount of people that stop in. It was also good of you to revisit the street at night, which provided an even more well rounded description.

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