X. Fu – Week One – Block Map

I observed a junction at Lansing in the afternoon of Jul 8th. It’s the crossing of E Michigan Ave and Clemens Ave where seems to be a multi-purpose area, having both commercial and housing properties. Comparing this two avenues, The E Michigan Ave is the main street connecting Downtown Lansing and East Lansing with 4 lanes. I’ve seen activating ambulances and fire engines 6 times passed by along this street during my observation while I was sitting in the coffee shop, called “Strange Matter”. It is a popular coffee shop in the East Side of Lansing and people are diverse staying in the shop with their laptops or notebooks or novels open. Going back to the observation along the street, the commercial buildings are plenty of types, for example, the ones are next to the coffee shop: The Green Door Bar, Soup Spoon Coffee, Discount sign and so on. All the commercial buildings are located on both sides of E Michigan Ave. It is not the crowded street like the normal business district in downtown or East Lansing, but it fills with quiet and peaceful mood among the commercial buildings.  Looking aside, the Clemens Ave is much more like a neighborhood drive without any markings like a yellow solid line or a white broken line, is filled with houses and several cars parking on its east side only, which I believe is the mean to make sure that there can be enough room for cars to pass by.


When it comes to the buildings, the most obvious structure must be the gas station located in the northwestern corner of the junction. It has 6 outdoor gas machine instead of being typical roofing speedway gas stations. Not too far from the gas stations, there are some cultural decoration and jewelry stores, where they sell different things related to art and culture. Imagining I’m standing in the middle of both streets, it seems like this part of the whole Lansing area is the connection between the East Lansing and downtown Lansing. Looking toward East Lansing, the commercial buildings are beneficial from students and the residents from East Lansing; and looking toward downtown Lansing, the street also can bring people who just get off work a relaxed place to stay. The bus stops are the signature symbols for the connection to two parts of the cities. Also, there might be residents staying along the street in the quiet neighborhoods. However, there are also some abandoned buildings, like the one across to the coffee shop, it is a barbershop near the neighborhood. But the door is closed left with only a sign in front of the shop. Shops like this occur several of them are located on the street where I observed across to. Nerveless my favorite thing on observation is finding food that there are Chinese food, Italian food, pizza store and brunch place to eat. They offer various types of food and cozy places for people to dine in around this comfortable area.


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  1. I really enjoyed how descriptive you were with the block, I could imagine where everything was in relation to each other. You’re inferences to that avenue being a multi-purpose area seem correct to me, with restaurants, bars, coffee shops, commercial businesses, as well as housing. And it would be an especially useful area if there are students about without cars. You did not mention if there was a lot of traffic around, either with cars or people on foot. If there were no parking lots by the buildings it would make sense for there to be a lot of foot traffic. I’m curious about what time you visited this street as well. Perhaps there would be a lot more people around at night or on weekends because of the restaurants and bar. Also, you state that there are multiple abandoned buildings down the street. I’d be interested to know if there were many people down by these buildings and how they were dressed, if the people “fit” the neighborhood.”

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