Y Li – Week 1 – Block map

I observed Longkouxi Rd at 9th July at 11:00am. It’s Friday noon, not a lot of people. There are trees plated beside the road, some people are stand under the shadow of the tree. There is a high school on the right side of the road, there are black metal barrier around the school, behind the barriers is a soccer ground, some people are playing soccer, they look like adults and they are not wearing school uniform. The street is one direction, there is a pavement for people to go across the street in front of the school , but there are traffic jam all over the street, the cars barely moves, so some people are walking from one side of the road to another side even when the red light is on. On the other side of the road there is a pet shop, a guy in uniform is walking a Huskie nearby, after that there are two toggeries, they look alike, no customers in either of them. After that is a 7-11, there is a shelf by the gate with candy on it, three kids stand in front of the shelf, attracted by the candy. There is an entrance of a neighborhood by the 7-11, it has two gates for cars to go in and out, there are two guardians standing by each gate, a bakery is right next to the entrance. Opposite it is a China bank with no counters but only five ATM machines. A CD shops is just next to it, the owner use CDs to decorate its gate which looks very shining. On the left corner of the CD shop is a small counter selling lottery, it really small, one of the smallest store I have ever seen, only about one meter wide.


One thought on “Y Li – Week 1 – Block map

  1. I am interested in how this block of road in China could be comparable to a block in the United States. Based on your description of the human activities and physical description it seems like it could be a block in the US. It seems like it is an active neighborhood with people playing soccer, a high school, and all the shops. Since it is a Saturday morning and they aren’t wearing uniforms I agree that the people playing soccer are probably not from the high school. Since it seems like an area built for a lot of people due to all the shops, and they looked older, I wonder if it was a community league. The two gates for the neighborhood entrance with two guards it makes me think it is a wealthier area. And since there is a school and children at the 7-11 I wonder if it is a family area. I am surprised by how much traffic there is for a weekend morning, yet how few people are in the shops.

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