Z. Wurtz – Week one – Block Map

At this section of Grand River Ave in downtown Brighton, there are creeks on either side of the road, with businesses on either side as well. On the east side of the road there is a pizzeria and an assortment of businesses in a building complex. One of the businesses was a law firm, and I only saw one man enter, and he was wearing a suit. There was also a jewelry store, yet it looked closed, and possibly going out of business. On the west side, there are two restaurants, one Tex-Mex, and the other a bistro. The restaurants appear to be getting good business as multiple groups are cycling in and out of the building. There is also an auto store, and auto repair on this side of the street. A compact SUV is being towed into the auto repair with its front end smashed. The road itself has two lanes in both directions and a middle lane, which hints that there is usually a fair amount of traffic. At around mid-day on a Thursday when I visited, there weren’t too many cars on the road compared to high traffic during rush hour. A majority of the cars appeared to be somewhat new, made within the decade, and sedans comprised the majority with a few SUV’s and vans. This hints at a middle class area. The only people walking on the sidewalks at this time were an older couple, and a group of 4 teenagers. Nature plays an important role on this block as there are several trees planted alongside the sidewalks, and plenty of natural foliage surrounding the buildings. There is also a wooden walkway that runs across the creek and behind the buildings The sidewalks and streets are relatively clean with little to no litter. The road itself has several cracks in it, but no major pot holes. There are power lines and light posts also along the side of the street. The light posts show that this street has a kind of night life to it. I revisited this location later in the day around 7 pm to see if traffic would pick up and to see if more people visited this area in the evening. The vehicles were of the same years and models as before, but I noticed a large increase in the amount of people driving. There were also more groups of people walking on the sidewalks and even on the wooden path around the creek.Week 1 Map

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  1. I like the description of your block. It is interesting that Grand River Avenue stretches so far across Michigan which makes you wonder whether if it is truly the same Grand River as the one in East Lansing and if it is stretched with a straight line. It is interesting to think that we can now assess the neighborhood’s wealth from the cars that are parked around. Your block seems to be an area where people normally stop by temporarily however. Thus, the cars there might not very well reflect what kind of neighborhood it is. Also, the fact that there are two businesses that deal with automobiles suggest that the area has demand for automobile related stores which explains the amount of driver traffic around the block. Finally, a bistro is more of an upscale compared to a restaurant. This tells me that people who frequent their visit to this block are either middle class or upper.

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