Haolong Li- Week 1 Blog Post

I choose the intersection of Okemos Rd and Jolly Rd as my target block, and the time is about 7:30pm on Friday. The first thing I had notice is Marathon gas station. This is open 24 hours, and vehicles always ongoing enter this gas station. The main reason I guess is this gas station located in the intersection of two roads and also near High-speed entrance (I-96). People take this as a staging post. A McDonald is next to Marathon gas station. The thing I had noticed is most cars choose driveline rather than consumption in the store. Driveline may help them to save time for waiting food. Across the street, there are Tim Hortons and Big John Steak & Onions, also has a smoke shop, which gives drivers more choices, especially who just finish a long trip. Follow the Okemos Rd, there are some apartments, like Knob Hill. So in the right side of Okemos Rd, there is a small plaza. 7-Eleven, Asian Express, Biggby Coffee, Subway are all located in this plaza, which convenience nearby residents. And this is dinnertime, so each restaurant has customers, which include friends, lovers or family. Behind these restaurants, there is Okemos’s Auto Collection, a big car dealer, but the time is too late, so this store had closed. The time I choose to visit is evening, so I meet people who run or walk through the road. A young man wears Spartan T-shirt run pass me. I also meet a family all riding bicycles, parents led two daughters to riding bicycles, both girls riding a pink bicycles. Beautiful sunset, Birds flew from the sky, all I had feel is clam, everyone finish their job, and choose to slow down and relax themselves at that that moments.


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  1. I like the way you referenced a variety of your senses in perceiving the block and making sure you pointed out the time of day relative to the activity on the block. I think you could have described the people a bit more- both the people walking or running on the block and the people in the various restaurants- as well as detailed the surroundings a bit better(for example you should specify the time of the sunset because if you were there from 7:30 to 8:30 pm, you would not have seen it) to give the reader a more comprehensive picture of what the block really looked like. However, I do think that you got across the point that the setting was serene and the town was winding down on a Friday, and I appreciated that because part of what anthropology is about is putting other settings in terms that people not present in those settings with you can understand and relate their experiences. Your explanation of the driveline vs. consumption comparison was also very apt because it helped me understand why the preference was such based on the cultural universal that people require food(and that these people prefer not waiting for it). Overall, you could have added more vivid description to your post, but I think you did a splendid job of conveying some of the elements of that block.

  2. Great job on all the detail on where things were located. That really set the scene for me. Though I would have liked to have known when you saw each person and to know if they interacted with any of the places that you listed. Of course this was late and people were not doing much, but did anything else stick out to you about these people? And if you met the people like you said, what did they say to you? Also I do enjoy how you mentioned the birds, this seemed like a small detail, but helped make the walk feel much more real. I also like how this is written rather casually, this makes the walk feel truly calm and relaxing. Also since there are many restaurants there and it was dinner time, you should have put which place was the busiest to add a sense of preference that the local people had. Overall this was a good blog post, and your map was very good, good job.

  3. You really did a good job on explaining all the detail of your target block, and your map is very convincing as well. I think you could mention more about people, describe some details about their activities will be great. I held the same opinion as you did on the location of the Marathon gas station, You’ve mentioned about the driveline vs. consumption in McDonald, that is one thing I have noticed about McDonald before, as a Chinese student, I know very few McDonald in China have drivelines, and even there is one, people who use driveline is much less than people who consume in store, this might reflect the difference in how people in two countries think and their life. I like the natural scene you’ve mention at the end, I paid all my attention in describing man-made building but ignore the natural part in my work, thanks for reminding.

  4. Hello there. I feel you did a really good job describing your surroundings and all the different stores in the area. Your descriptions of location really helped me get a better picture of how to visualize the area, and your map you drew also helped a lot as well. I liked how you specified the time you visited the area, but one thing I feel you could have went more in detail about is the people in the area. How they interacted with one another or the different stores you saw them going to and coming from. Another thing I liked but could have had more detail was when you talked about the drive line of consumers at McDonalds. There could have been a more vivid description of what you saw and how the interactions were. Aside from that though, you did a very nice job portraying the block you visited but again I feel there could have been more descriptions about the area.

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