L.Perkins – Week 2 – System of Difference

I decided to write about the video “The Power of an Illusion” and the matching game “Sorting People by Race” because I believe that they compliment each other very well. The video heighten what I already believe which was: people, the United States, tries so hard to find biological/scientific ties to race to use it as an excuse as to why one specific race will excel over the other. As an African American woman I do not compare myself in the workforce, or any part of my life for that matter, to others based on the color of their skin but by work ethic, experience and their hard work. I believe that scientist, as it was proven in the video, tries extremely hard to justify why minorities, specifically African Americans, have advantages/disadvantages in their lives compare to their white counterparts. But at the end of the day does that really matter? With the definition of race continually changing and evolving in the United States are we really that closed minded where we are basing another individuals testimonies/trials due to the color of their skin? As explained in the video race has become such a complex matter that even if we could find a biological answer to the question above the results would still be skewed based off of numerous individuals unique circumstances where they identify as more than one race. The matching game was a real an eye opener because I had to categorize individuals based off their profile picture into which race category they fit in. Although it was a game I was a little uncomfortable deciding what race to place everyone in because I hate assuming that someone’s identity given little to no information at all, but that was the main purpose of the game. It showed how the United States forces us to choose this category so it can be more “easy” for them to identify ourselves. I believe that the difference between people has been constructed so close-minded for so long and that we need to realize that race is something is continually redefined all the time.

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  1. I find your post very interesting. I like that you’re willing to point out how the United State’s “system of differences” is a way to easily identify ourselves. Why aren’t we all Americans? Or really, why does it matter? In America we really do identify individuals by their physical appearance, like the sorting game, and that is a serious failure in our society. We are learning to per say, “judge a book by its cover”. As a Mexican American, I can completely relate to your statement of not judging others by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Is that something that needs to be reiterated throughout American society? One shouldn’t deny their culture or heritage if they are proud of it, but one’s culture should not define them as a person. Genetically, as stated in the video about sports, we really aren’t that different as a species. Yes, we have different cultures, but the does not make one group of individuals better than another.

  2. I think that you made some very interesting points in your post about the identifying people. One thing that I can see is that the United States right now is really having an issue with this very thing. The Game that was included in this week’s context was something that further proved these points. You talked about how you don’t like to “judge people” based on what they look like and this game really forces you to open your eyes and brings to like some opinions that you have about people that you may have not even know that you held, or even stereotypes that you don’t believe but may have crossed your mind briefly during this game. I think that you did a very good job on stating your point of view for this week’s topic and bringing in two sources from this week’s content to further support your opinion.

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