J. Rojo – Week 2 – System of difference

After reading this week’s lecture, I understood a lot about how people categorize others in certain groups. Based on how the lecture started, it stated that individuals are prone to naturally group people in certain categories. It’s interesting to me that people today group individuals on specific categories based on race, religion, and beliefs. It’s crazy to think how much history has evolved about race and the power of it. After watching the video of Race: The Power of Illusion, it opened my eyes and made me realize the similarities and differences of minorities. In my opinion, race should not matter in order to fit in a certain group in this society. Today, times are changing more than ever. It is not only race that is changing but sexual orientation as well. I find it very unfair to categorize people based on their skin color or their appearance. From the video from PBS, I liked how they stated the different statistics on animals as examples for humans. Each evolutionary cycle was developed differently, which means people were also different during that time.
From the article of Christen Smith, I found it interesting to learn about the differences in systems in America. Based on race, there has always been an issue surrounding this main problem. With the “Blackness, Citizenship, and the Transnational Vertigo of Violence” article, it expressed the difference in problems with race and how time has effected it. Today, things have changed for the better. Our systems regarding race and ethnicity have gain prospective in a more positive way. But lately, it’s become a surfaced issue where it has affected people of this generation today. It’s a problem that’s been increasing in the news lately, and all over the world. It makes me feel sad to know that racial issues still occur today and that there still needs to be resolving issues. I found watching the videos for this week not only helpful, but interesting because race should be seen a whole, even if everyone distinguishes it in certain categories. Although it can be categorize, it shouldn’t be divided based on the color of someone’s skin.
In the end, I realized that Bronislaw Malinowski’s belief on race very meaningful. People should look more into the phrase he mentioned because he believes that every individual should express their differences and acknowledge them. Everyone in this world may never be seen as one of the same group, though that is okay. It’s okay to distinguish the differences in race and culture. Without those differences in the world, it would be boring. There would be no diversity in activities as well. I believe that we need this in the world to survive. The world needs to learn the differences in the variety of cultures because this would ultimately help everyone understand their race a little bit better. Anthropology is important to understand because of race and what race means to people. It’s important to understand race from different times throughout history because it will help one learn how it’s evolved.

My first question comes from the reading of “Here Comes the Anthros (Again): The Strange Marriage of Anthropology and Native America (Starn, 187).” How can racial discrimination be excluded to being chosen first than other traits such as gender? Gender inequality has been in the headlines and has caused controversy for quite sometime. Based off the Avatar movie and example from the reading, director James Cameron lost the Oscar for best director to Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker. After her big win, everyone started to recognize her more.  My second question from the same article is how apparent was the appearance to Native Americans? Towards the middle of the article, it stated how appearance back then meant a lot and distinguished the differences between Native Americans and others, making this a racial issue and thus, causing controversy. But just how apparent could one tell? And if so, how did no one link the two when it came to the controversy with the casinos? I found it very interesting and eye opening to understand.

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  1. Hello J.
    I don’t think there is a problem with categorizing people, which you mentioned in your third paragraph. The problem is that people have negative views/ stereotypes about people that are different than they are. Recognizing that someone has different experiences than you is very enriching. I do not know if we could ever live in a world without racial categorization. Do you think that would be possible? I think it is more pragmatic to become excepting of different races/ experiences. Race in it of itself is not problematic. We do not have to get rid of race, we just have to stop discriminating against different races. Though every race has problems with prejudice and discrimination of those that are considered “other”. Do you think this is part of human nature? Or has it been something learned? I enjoyed reading your post. I thought you did an excellent job summarizing a lot of the main points from this weeks lesson.

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