S.Luo-Week2-Systems of Difference

Human civilization has many different forms because of the space isolation effect. When segregation reduced or disappeared, it is inevitable that there is competition between civilizations which is followed by the competition law of “evolution”. In the past, historians will name the development of human civilization stage with that tool name, which contains the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron age. In the era of those ages, the spatial isolation has effect significantly, there was little competition among different civilizations, people did not feel the culture differences. After the Renaissance until modern age, it has drawn lessons from the dividing method of before, now it can have machine age and information age. Starting from the machine age and with the rapid human transportation development, which is making the space is no longer a isolation gap of human civilization, the information age more intensified the convenience degree of the communication between different civilizations. Communication and  virtual space can be thought of as there is no distance, the competition between the the civilization in which people feel a great deal of conflict and contradiction, this makes “fusion” civilization become a topic worth discussing.


Usually, people of interpersonal relationship refers to people due to the interaction between emotional ties, it is the emotional relationship between people, and also the people emotional experience accumulation, the starting point for further exchanges between people plays a guiding role for people to further communication. The quality of interpersonal relationships, psychological distance can be used to measure the stand or fall of interpersonal relationship, and the two sides need to meet or not connect with each other, if can from exchanges need to meet each other, interpersonal relationship is developing well, and both of those two have the Ken of maintenance. On the contrary, the estranged, avoiding even the surface-to-surface psychological relationship, leads to psychological distance. The harmonious interpersonal relationship is indispensable to people’s mental health condition, is also a way to get mental health of people. Carnegie said that an individual career success is only 15% by professional technology, while the other 85% is to rely on relationships and skills in dealing with the world.


Besides, it is pointed out that since the mass media was born in the 1830s, people began to live among the mass media environment and dealing with mass media, which seems to have become the modern people daily life a hard habit of give up, the moment that a large group of life appears to be suffering from a collective dependence – the focus of the media. Wilbur schramm ever mentioned in an introduction to communication, the average American awake almost a quarter of the time use on the media, and the number is growing. And it is not only for the individual phenomenon, also apply to developing countries, such as for China, people’s average daily contact with the media and the time is 228 minutes.


Media dependence may cause many consequences, such as the audience through the formation of individual depend entirely on the media, the lack of or independently, and as the society as a whole individual autistic lonely, makes the society lack of angry. In media rapid development at the same time, therefore, they should also establish the theory of “social responsibility”, not only for the purpose of profit to spread information, but with the social responsibility consciousness to publish or broadcast some good people get rid of the news media or reduce dependence, advocating people use rational thinking to look at the media, the reasonable use of it to enrich and convenience of your life rather than being dominated by media, become the lamb from its not. Thus, how important it is of interpersonal for a person and how to to establish and maintain good interpersonal relationship are vital to be researched. In spite, to what extend the media dependence should be constrained also critical for us to think about.

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  1. In reading this post, I must confess that I was entirely confused. However, my best interpretation of this was that the author was arguing that both the media and the personal relationships with people are systems of differences. Now, though this maybe what he is trying to convey, I would agree that it possibly could worded differently. The fact that the author doesn’t really use any of the readings or activities that were presented to us doesn’t really help that much either.
    Even though the author doesn’t necessarily use the materials, at least to my personal knowledge, I believe that one article that might have helped support their argument would be the “Here Come the Anthros (Again): The Strange Marriage of Anthropology and Native America” . Orin Starn”s study on the Native Americans daily lives could possibly provide the proof that he was looking for, especially at the part with the interpersonal relationships. Overall the essay was pretty well written but just veered of topic quite a bit.

  2. S. Luo,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post and believe that you are making connections – although outside the readings – that hold great merit in the construction of the systems of differences we humans have worked to establish. It is due to our evolution throughout time that has led us to continually seek interaction with each other among cultural boundaries, as you explained in detail with the spatial isolation effect. Due to the exchange of resources and information, the idea and understanding of race formulated with continued interaction. Your continuation into the availability of communication through mass media and the interconnectivity our world now faces only solidifies the lack of spatial isolation we experience to date and this is important to note. Tying the systems of differences to present day mediums helps to drive the role of simplified interaction to strengthen the ease of recognizing differences. I believe that if we can collectively understand the psychological aspect of difference and diminish thoughts of social separation and instead focus on the matter from a biological aspect, we will be able to deconstruct any hurtful systems of difference.

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