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8.pic_hdIn London there are as many as dozens of Michelin restaurant, the good places where can make excellent French cuisine, as well as make seemingly casual but excellent Italian attentively, and passionate Spanish food, etc. Today I want to say one of my favorite areas in SOHO London where you can find many shops and wide variety of food market. These snacks on SOHO district are not carefully crafted than in fancy restaurants, but because of the common lively breath and the price of the civilian, coupled with the aroma of passing shop, that makes people cannot stop and cannot wait to look into it.


SOHO Block (SOHO) is said to be from the cry of the hunters. As early as the 16th century, here from a former hunting ground had gradually developed into urban prosperity. Since the 17th century, London merchants gathered here and it developed into the rich people’s region. But because of cholera in the middle of the 19th century, the rich gradually moved from SOHO to the surrounding areas of Bloomsbury and Mayfair to live, then the rent went down sharply, a large number of poor artists, drug addicts, bar owners came to SOHO. In the 20th century, SOHO became writers, artists, poets and intellectual community in London; Even the revolutionary teacher Marx had lived in SOHO from 1850 to 1856. Popular here in the 1950 s, Bohemian led to the development of many jazz club. Today’s SOHO has the land with decorates exquisite restaurant, coffee shop, lovely sweet shop full of design feeling, as well as little also not, of course, the traditional English pub.


In good weather over the weekend, it is common to see many friends go to hide in Fernandez & Wells on st. Anne’s Court to have a beef sandwich with a hearty bowl of vegetable soup as the beginning of a day. They do not provide much kinds, but the sandwich piled like a hill when you push open the door that increase the appetite a lot. This so-called the most delicious sandwich shop in SOHO will be queued up at noon every day, most of the customers are white-collar who are working in the nearby and specially come to buy lunch.


After lunch and to enjoy the good weather, people can look for a place that can be comfortable in the sunshine for afternoon tea. There’s a shop called “secret tea room” on the Greek St. The British habit of how to eat is said as “cheddar and cracker”, this teahouse hidden in a British bar called Coach & Horses, the teahouse is on the second floor and you have to go around behind the bar.


If the sandwiches at noon as food is a bot light, then in the evening you can consider to eat a big dinner like Burger & Lobster. Actually the dinner menu of Burger & Lobster only have three courses: grilled Lobster, Lobster and hamburgers. Coupled with fresh salad in crisp outside and tender French fries, although cooking method is simple, but the ingredients fresh and original. After the meal, if you come to nearby Amorino order a hazelnut taste Italian ice cream as dessert, a day trip to SOHO can be successful. In fact, there are more interesting shops in SOHO that far more than those mentioned in the blog. If everyone has a love for life, curious about new things full of heart, I believe everyone will have their own different findings and harvest.


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