Y Li – Week 2 – Systems of Difference

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After reading this week’s lecture, article and readings, I found out that differences between people has been constructed is very common in our life. We naturally sort people by their specific characteristic, for example, race, which can be easily categorized by one’s color of the skin, is the most common way people sort each other nowadays.

I know something about categorized people by race so I was so surprising by other lectures or link, but after I started sorting from the link “sorting people by race”, I felt the system just put wrong pictures in the website, I actually only see one black but I need to choose four, and I really can’t see who is Asian and who is Hispanic because they all look white, no specific feature shows that they are none-White. So I just put random pictures in each category to see what would happen. The result is I only got one correct for each race, and those people who look like white are actually Asian, black, Hispanic or American Indian. That help me realized that categorized people by their color of skin is ridiculous. In fact, categorized itself is not a bad thing, people are always curious about things and people that are different from themselves, the bad thing is why you categorized, the conclusion of “sorting people by race” claims that “’race’ can’t tell you where somebody is from, what they’re naturally good at. Or how they might behave”, race can only tell you their race, that’s it. In the video “ Race: power of illusion” biologist studied the body structure of African-Americans to see if there are something specific, and the result is people are alike depict race. So why we categorized people by their race since it brings nothing?

Another common way to categorized people would be whether a person looks wealthy, or we should say social class. I think this is even more harmful than race, because race is a conclusion that other people put on you, it doesn’t really affect you if you choose not to be affected most of the time, but social class is something that would influence you and your families’ life. Race won’t stop you to go to a private school in nowadays’ society, but social class will. Many people choose not to go to the university not because of race but because they can’t afford the tuition, and that is led by social class. The difference about race is getting smaller and smaller because the world is becoming more and more diverse, but the difference from social class is getting bigger and bigger.

Culture difference is also mention in this week’s class, me myself did agree that culture brings a lot of difference among people. For example, so I really feel nothing when my American classmate are happily celebrating Christmas because Chinese people don’t celebrate Christmas; but I feel very sad when it’s Chinese New Year and I have to go to class, in my opinion, Chinese New Year is a very important festival that every member of the family should come together to celebrate, that’s something I’ve been told since I was born, and even now I understand that Christmas is very significant for Americans, I still can’t feel the same happiness and satisfaction that Americans feel. So I think culture difference is something very hard to change which lead to difficulty of understanding among people from different culture.


My two question would be :

  • Do you think the difference between race can be totally eliminate? That one person won’t be judged by his or her race and face?
  • What do you think can be made to change culture diversity

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