Kasandra Purkey Wk 3: Description of a Ritual

The ritual that I am choosing to talk about is high school Homecoming. It takes place in late fall that includes, spirit week, the homecoming football game, and the homecoming dance. Spirit week is the week of homecoming where everyday has a certain dress requirement. Monday may be pajama day, Wednesday superhero day, and then Friday is the school color day. The football game is an event where the alumni of the high school come out to watch football, and witness the homecoming court being introduced, also with this many of the schools faculty would attend. The stands are filled more so then ever and the entire crowd will wear the schools colors. Along with this the high school marching band performs a special homecoming half time show before the homecoming court is paraded across the field. It is also a night to thank the seniors on the football team for their years playing. Everybody from school is in attendance. The next night all the high school kids journey to the gym dressed in suits and sparkly dresses. The gym has been transformed into a sparkly and twinkling lite dance floor. The men usually wear a suit with a vest and a tie and if they have a date this would make her dress. The women get their hair, and make up done, and wear the prettiest dress they could find. The nights events are the announcing of the homecoming king and queen and then dancing the night away. These events are usually at the end of the football season. The football game is an informal ritual whereas the homecoming dance is very formal.

These events are important in high school because they are a rite of passage but specifically it enhances solidarity. Everyone gets excited for the homecoming game and the dance. It brings out all of the cliques in the high school to socialize where they normally would not be. It allows for a break in the normal school routine and brings members of the community outside of school together. Alumni may tell their children about being the homecoming queen or how they were the star quarter back when they were in school. Its about trying yourself to the schools history and then further into the communities view as you get older. It then becomes something for you to look back on when you become a full fledged member of the community once you graduate and become an alumni. It embeds a sense of comradery  both in high school as well as the town. Spirit week is the build up of excitement and good energy to send to the players during the game. The football game represents hard work and support. While the dance is the celebration of how well the team did, win or lose. All of this also helps represent that the school year is almost over and that Christmas Break is almost here. It is a time stamp on the school year to signify its almost halfway over.

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