S.Luo- Week3-Description of a Ritual

The ritual is the rules of interpersonal communication, is a kind of language, as well as a tool. Since the religious belief is different, that makes the people of different religions in the world observe different manners. Traditional Chinese wedding has its unique style of traditional and cultural characteristics with thousands of years of history, and it has significant influence on Asian wedding culture. Even though some wedding ritual has gradually fade out through times change, the essence of preserved remains attractive. Traditional Chinese wedding originated from China for thousands of years of cultural accumulation, Chinese people like red, believe that red is the symbol of good luck and blessing. Filial piety is the main theme in wedding, almost each item in the wedding ritual is saturated with Chinese philosophy thought. The marriage customs have been around for thousands of years in China, while the most traditional wedding process still presents in happy auspicious state.

The basic wedding process can be: firstly, the sedan is arranged to stop in confront of the groom’s home, to show his neighborhood that he is going to be married. Secondly, the groom will carry the sedan to the bride’s family, and with litter bearers, gongs saying both sides, to carry the bride to the groom’s family. On the road to groom’s family, the carrier intend to block brakes so as to block the bad fortune. Beside, the ground should be paved with red carpet as the bride shoes are not allowed to touch the ground. During the wedding, drinking wedlock wine is a symbol of that they are wife and husband since then. The couple will make a cup of tea to both parents and change to call each other parents \”parents\”. After that, the couple will go back into the bridal chamber where is already organised with the jujube and chestnut, meaning ‘early to bear a child’.

China’s traditional wedding ceremony is a joyful ceremony, so called the celebration. The wedding ceremony use all wedding items to decorate that reflect auspicious. Such as posting bright red joyful character, the red covering that the bride is covered, put on a red coat, fitting the big red satin on the groom chest and so on. These red palladium auspicious items not only brings the wedding a lot festival atmosphere, but also suggests that the day of the newly weds had crossed the more prosperous.

In fact, the traditional Chinese wedding contains many customs. The three offers need to be prepared when a couple get married: the first offer, according to the traditional Chinese Confucianism, is used when the both are engaged; “gift offer” is the second one that a gift list of auspicious gift type and quantity, a gift exchange; the third offer like a certificate used when the groom is wedding to meet the bride. Furthermore, organizing the bed for a few days before the wedding, pick an auspicious date with new bed sheets, the dragon phoenix is a must to put on the sheets, which is covered with sprinkle XiGuo, such as peanut, red jujube, longan, lotus seed, etc. which means a new birth of comes early. Here is worth to note that the bed and XiGuo are hand-picked to the “good life”, hence the people who do this should be the one whose parents alive, brothers and sisters to be complete, marital harmony. Children in pairs, naturally means the people hope that this can bring the couple good luck. At last, wedding ceremony is highly welcomed by the groom’ brothers who will tease the newlyweds, old people see this ceremony as that – “the couple will be getting better and better with this ceremony, and the more joy the better”, and it is for the couple out of evil and with wishful auspicious after marriage.

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  1. It is so interesting seeing how different cultures have different customs for weddings. In the US we assume that what we do is the custom from all over the world, but the Chinese wedding sounds unique and have more rules to follow. The use of red reminds me of the use of the color white in the western world. There is clearly a desire for purity in both cultures, but they go about it in different ways. The white wedding dress that is tradition in western weddings are supposed to show purity of the bride to show that she is worthy of getting married. It sounds similar to the use of the red shoes not being allowed to touch the floor, therefore keeping the shoes pure. With weddings, there seems to be a lot riding on the luck of the married couple. In the US, it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride the morning of the wedding while in China there is a clear presence of actions designed to bring luck onto the future household of the newlyweds. The inclusion in family in the designing of the marriage bed is interesting to me and I have never heard of that activity in western culture. To me, sex seems like it would be a bit taboo topic for family to be involved. I am happy I was able to learn more about different wedding traditions.

  2. It is interesting to read your post. Like you, I am a Chinese and I went to a lot of weddings before. Therefore, I have many experiences and knowledge about Chinese weeding. Like you said, the color red is really important in Chinese weeding. Chinese people like red, they believe red shows happy and jubilant. Therefore, using red in wedding will bring good luck to groom and bride and their family. In addition, on the door, bed and other place, people would place red paper-cuts. These paper-cuts are shaped as a Chinese word “Xi” means luck. Chinese people like putting two “Xi” paper-cuts together because it means the luck will double. In addition, before the weeding, guests giving red envelope to bride and groom is also a way to show their relationship. Many friend would give money in a red envelope. The amount of the money may be 666 or 668 CNY because these number are good. Some close friends, important guests and rich people would give 888 CNY, 1088 CNY or even more.

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