X.Bao-Week 3-Description of a Ritual

The Ethnography of Marriage

Marriage is a socially and legally sanction union, that in most cases is arranged between a man and a woman and it is regulated by rules, laws, beliefs, customs and attitudes that define the duties and rights of the partners and gives them a new status in the society. The marriage ritual is universal among different cultures and societies. The marriage ritual involves various events and attendants. First, the partners who are marring must be present during the ritual, various witness who in most cases are friends and family members and the presider of the ceremony who in most cases are religious leaders or the authority.

There are special attires for the couples during a marriage ritual. The bride wears a white dress only for the special occasion. The bride also wears veil that covers her face and in most cases symbolizes secrecy and innocence and the husband to the newly married lady is the one authorized to undress the veil from her after a serious confirmation that she is actually the one he wants to compliments her life. A cake is also meal that is provided during the ceremony to be shared among the bride and bride groom as a sign of fertility. However the meal is also shared among the attendants and some walk home with them as sign of good luck and a gift from the ceremonious function. Among other activities that reinforces the believes, attitude and desires of the couples during the wedding session include the blessings, a charge on the marriage agreement , people involved in authorizing the handing over of the bride to the bridegroom, special readings from the scriptures as well as orations that are undertaken to portray unique messages to the people.

Analysis of the Marriage Rituals

Marriage is believed to be a union that takes place between a man and a woman as a result of approval by certain influential groups of people such as the clergy members. However, various significance conditions that depicts different forms of ideas are provided to define every process that is confined in the marriage. It is greatly preferred in a marriage situation that the marriage contract should be sanctioned by the church leaders because they are believed to confer an appropriate blessing to the marrying couples. Provision of different gifts from friends, family members of both the bride and the bridegroom is a clear evidence that the choice of their partner is limited to the two and that no one is allowed to practice adultery outside the marriage wedlock. Other activities such as the display of roses on the path where the couples pass and the escort provided by the small kids is an exemplary symbol that depict easy conception of the wife.

Among other rituals practiced include the exchange of rings as well as holding of the bride and that bride groom hands which signifies the divine union and an assurance of not breaking up. Most of these practices were there during the ancient period but they are still portrayed in the contemporary society simply because the traditional rules are believed to boldly taken root in the relationship affair and there is no other influence that can abolished them. Marriage is believed to be among the rites of passage because of the rules and condition that guides everything in marriage. In addition, these condition exhibit great variation from one place to another and in different places.

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