I. Cerroni – Week 4 – Kinship Charts



-My family is relatively small so far since everyone is still so young
-Generation Y has two kids on average and on both sides it is a boy and a girl (usually)
-There are a few families that seem out of place including an uncle on my dads side who has four kids (way above the average two kids) and then on my mom’s side one of her brothers has two kids (average), but they are both boys (not average)
-The only person that has gotten divorced is one of the kids of Generation Y family who is much older than all of us other kids who haven’t married yet (trends could be continued…to be determined with more time)
-My dads side is larger starting from the amount of kids that his parents had and stemming out to the amount of kids that each of their kids had on average
-Second generation is much bigger and is part of the baby boomers time (grandparents) who had 4-5 kids on average compared to the two kids on average that Generation Y has

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