X. Bao- Week Four- Kinship Chart

Trend ListKinship Chart

  • My family’s structure is very simple. There is only one of my cousins come from my father’s side has divorced, and he has been remarried.
  • My grandparents from my mother side have three girls.
  • I am the only child in my family
  • Because China has “One Child Policy” in certain period, in my generation, all my aunts and uncles come  from both my mother’s side and father’s side have one child.
  • I have three nieces and they all come from my cousins of my father’s side
  • All my cousins from my mother’s side are single now.
  • There is no any adopted children in my family.

One thought on “X. Bao- Week Four- Kinship Chart

  1. Thank you for sharing your kinship chart. You did a great job concluding all the trends within your family. Your explanation made the chart easier to understand, and I like the way you do the legends. As a Chinese who also experienced the one-child policy, I’d like to add some comments about how I view this certain period. China was not rich in the past while being the world’s most populous country. If the policy were not brought out, there would be the unbearable pressure on food, housing, transportation, education, healthcare, etc. Relatively speaking, it was necessary to inhibit rapid population growth. When it comes to creating wealth, besides the amount of labor, resources should be taken into consideration. In the case of that China was not wealthy, if the limited resources were putting into supporting a large number of people, the labor efficiency would be dragged, and the quantity of wealth might be less than the current situation. In this case, with the development of technology and economy, more people can be supported by fewer resources. What do you think about it? Do you also believe this policy was a correct step? Once again, excellent job.

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