A. Howard – Week Four – Kinship Charts


Let me start by saying this assignment truly taught me about the importance of family. I discovered trends that I never really paid close attention to before. And honestly I didn’t know much about my family history until I looked into it for this assignment. I wish I knew more, but my mom is deceased and I’m not in contact with my father. Also my family isn’t that close anymore like they were when I was younger, so it was extremely difficult to remember who my cousins were and who was still alive.


Triangles – Male

Circles – Female

Squiggle Equal Sign – Cohabiting couple

Unequal Sign – Divorces

Equal Sign – Married

X through circle/Triangle – Deceased


  • My grandparents made the bulk of my mom’s side of the family.
  • I have a host of cousins; many I did not list because I couldn’t remember how many of them there was.
  • There is an equal amount of male and female cousins on my moms side of the family.
  • There are only two successful marriages on my mom’s side the rest are divorces or cohabiting parenting.
  • Many aunt and uncles including my mom have passed away
  • My fathers side is more male dominate. I have many uncles and few cousins compared to my mom’s side.
  • Both of my granddads are deceased and I never met them.
  • I found it weird that I knew nothing about my grandma’s (my moms mom) history. Absolutely nothing.

One thought on “A. Howard – Week Four – Kinship Charts

  1. I thought it was definitely interesting to see your kinship diagram and to get a look at the differences between your diagram and those of some of the other students in the class. It seemed sad to me that you aren’t close to many of your family members, but I realize that your family may place less of a value on family and closeness than others’ do. I definitely was surprised to see some of the stuff in your diagram – if I’m not mistaken, your dad cohabited with your mom, who died, and now your father cohabits with a woman who (currently? Formerly?) cohabited with another woman. Definitely something more out of the ordinary than most posts!

    In my blog entry, I had raised the question of whether a kinship diagram was an actual anthropological tool, or if it was just something for a learning exercise, because I saw that they can get very complicated very quickly. Yours was definitely one that emphasized that point, while also showing that the value for a close-knit, nuclear family is definitely something variable between families and cultures.

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