B. Chludzinski – Week 4 – Kinship Charts

Kinship Chart


  • My mom’s side of the family is female dominated
  • Each married couple on my mom’s side remained married, and chose to have smaller families (three children at most)
    • Two of my aunts chose not to have any children, leaving my brother and I as the only grandchildren; This significantly reduced the size of our next generation.
  • My dad’s side of the family has a pretty equal balance between males and females
  • Beginning with my dad’s generation, each separate family unit has only two children
    • Another balance: Half of these family units have the same sex in their children (2 boys or 2 girls), while the other half is raising one girl and one boy (my brother and I included).

2 thoughts on “B. Chludzinski – Week 4 – Kinship Charts

  1. It’s interesting that you are the one of the only two grandchildren on your mothers side. Yes it reduced the size of your generation but at least the males can carry on the family name.

  2. My mother’s side of the family have the similar situation as yours, and each family of her side have a smaller size family, because the “One- Child Policy”, my father’s side of the family have only one child on the third generation. One of the balance you mentioned is very interesting that “half of your family units have the same sex in their children”, which makes me a lit bit “jealousy” because I always want a brother in my family. Although I have several cousins, but we did not live very closely, so I never have the experience that have some one to grow up with. And on my father’s side, I am the only girl within the three generations, so I had watch the television with my cousins, and I owned my first Barbie doll when I was 12 years old. In this way, I think the balance of the gender is very important in one family.

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