D. Finley – Week 4 – Kinship Chart


There isn’t much significance in my kin chart. On my mother’s side you see that the family overall is much larger than that of my father’s side.  I have one sister, and many cousins, aunts and uncles to go around. On my father’s side there were 2 divorces but they still had children.

One thought on “D. Finley – Week 4 – Kinship Chart

  1. Through analysis of your kinship chart, I am having difficulties identifying where the differentiation between your mother’s and father’s side is visible. If I am reading this properly, you have a sister and you are the dark, outlined square on the lower left-hand side of the chart. However, in order to properly depict your father’s side, there should be connections that are stemming of the triangle above it. In your drawing, there are no connections to what I would interpret to be your father. So, going off how I think is the proper reading of your chart, there are some aspects that I find rather interesting. When broken down between generational gaps, it seems that your mother’s side is the only one that has carried into your generation – seen through the four levels in the hierarchal structure on the left. When navigating over to your father’s side, the chart on the right, there are only 3 levels in the structure. Therefore, it would seem that your father’s side has not produced any members of your own generation – or better put, you do not have any cousins on your father’s side. It is difficult to discern from your closing statement regarding the 2 divorces with children are stating those children as cousins or as aunts and uncles.

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