D.Liu-Week 4- Kinship Charts

My mother’s side of the family is larger as they have many 2nd and 3rd generations and some even having children after that. A trend I’ve noticed is that the all the fourth generation from my mother’s side are all boys. My family is made up of all Chinese origin people. My mother’s brothers and sisters had to help out with the chores and housework, so having more children helped lessen the burden. My family is spread out all over the country and in China, so I don’t speak to many of them, only my mother does over the phone. All of my mother and father’s siblings are married, and all have had children of their own. In my family there are no divorces and everyone has stayed together so far.

Kinship Chart

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  1. I enjoyed your post. For my family’s trend I noticed boys are more dominate. My family is the same but of hispanic origin. My grandparents had to have a lot of children to help with the chores. Also my family is so big that they’re all spread out and don’t really talk to them. Only my family that lives close to me and my parents keep in touch over the phone. There has been few divorces in my family but most of them are married so it weird when someone divorces. I have thought about marriage and I always tell myself I will never get a divorce, and that we will work it out. One thing is for sure; no one knows what the future holds. In lecture ( lecture 4, slide 3) the point about who you can and cannot marry. Now my family is letting me date outside my hispanic culture and find a good christian man no matter the race.

  2. I think that it is very interesting that men are dominate in your family, my family is the exact opposite. We have majority women in my family. You mentioned that your family is all over the country and in china and that you don’t get to talk to them often but your mom does which is very similar to me. I think that it is a great and beautiful blessing that everyone in your family is married and haven’t gotten a divorce. This is a great thing to have in a family it sets a great example for the younger people in your family to see a stable family connection throughout your entire family when it comes to marriage. You seem to have a big family which is something that I love. It always gives children something to do when it comes to family gatherings I was always close with my cousins and I think having a big family makes it that much better.

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