K. Beckham- Week 4- Kinship Charts

kinship chart

I noticed that most of my cousins are females and that only the females have had gotten married and/or had children. There is proportionately higher divorce among my generation in my family. All of my parents’ generation had no more than three kids, my mom’s brother having none, and my dad’s brothers having either two or three each. Additionally only males have died in my family.

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  1. Those are very interesting trends. The increased amount of females seems very normal, although, it is interesting that only the females have gotten married so far. It is peculiar that only the males in your family have passed away, which is very unfortunate to here. In my family, more females are married than the men, but it is expected for all of the men to still be married. Also, it is unfortunate that divorce is higher in your generation within your family. I can relate to the higher number of siblings that one of your parents has compared to your generation. My mom has 7 siblings, while my dad has 5 siblings, but now all of my aunts and uncles have less than three kids in this generation. It is interesting how trends are different in every family but there are always a few similarities that provide a connection. Overall, your kinship chart showed me a different side of how families develop.

  2. So far in my family no one has really died. Just one uncle from a car crash. Death has not occurred in my family as of yet. My family is made up almost entirely of men being born and females having to marry in. My father was one of four brothers and his father is one of three. I think it is interesting that there are birth trends even if they are different between unrelated families. No one from my generation has gotten married or had kids yet and it will be interesting to see if when we do begin to have kids if we follow our past trends. There has been a lot of divorce in my dad’s generation so hopefully they just were unlucky, my dad and his brothers have all been divorce at least once. So far my parents’ generation in my family has only had two kids not including adoption.

  3. Those are pretty interesting facts regarding your kinship chart. One question that comes to mind is whether the male deaths within your family are typically natural causes which may tell us if specific health factors run in your genes or whether the deaths were due to other factors. Also as I’m reading your analysis I realize that my generation (which is the youngest generation) has a high rate of divorce as well. I wonder if it’s due to societal norms which have evolved over time. It’s very different than it used to be were divorce was frowned upon. In your family you state that there are mostly women and that men are married into the family. In my family there is a pretty even number of men and women with women leading slightly by one. I would say that typically there are more women than men being born in the world though.

  4. These are some interesting trends that have occurred in your family history. It is intriguing that divorce is more common in your generation. This might be a result of the increase of women’s rights and the ability for women to live independently not needing a man to support them as they would’ve needed early in the 20th century. Also, the social stigma behind divorce has become a lot more favorable as our society has grown to respect people’s individual choices. Sorry to hear about the great amount of death for the men in your family, it is truly unfortunate. I wonder if it is simply coincidence or maybe a fact of men having a shorter life expectancy. The fact that your parents’ generation have traditionally nuclear families is interesting as they have become less common in modern day, like how your generation has a lot more divorces. Nuclear families aren’t as sought after anymore.

  5. Your kinship chart is very interesting in that it is very female-dominant. I think it is an increasing trend to see less males getting married at earlier stages of their lives, which explains why only females in your family had gotten married. Also, the increasing divorce rate seems to be prevalent throughout the world. It is interesting to see how governments will cope with the increasing divorce rate and the decreasing birthrate as a result. Decrease in natural increase is a big social issue for many countries because they start lacking labor force or labor starts becoming very expensive. Right now, there are resentments against immigration. Yet, many governments find it beneficial because it allows for their societies to keep employing affordable labor.

  6. The trends you noticed are pretty interesting and your chart is very well done. In fact, the first thing I noticed was how all those who are deceased were men. Looking at the chart, it is also interesting that in your parents’ generation, besides of course your mother, all of them are male. But, like you said, in your generation the majority of the children are daughters. For the one uncle who got remarried, I wonder how you would refer to his ex-wife, the mother of your cousins, if you do at all. My only guess would by name rather than a title? I have never had any experience with that so I do not know what the protocol would be.
    You also said the divorce rate was relatively high for your generation but it seems only within one family which makes me wonder if there were certain influences or variables specific to them.

  7. I think the trends you pointed out are interesting. When I look at your kinship chart, the thing that jumped out at me first was that the incidence of divorce has risen in the later generations, but I think that is common in our culture that the younger generations have gotten divorced more than older generations. I also noticed the trend that most people that are married in your family have children, but that most have small families (3 or less children). I also noticed that a lot of the divorce is concentrated in the branch of the family with one of your uncles. Did you notice that? Do you think you have any idea why that might be? I think it is interesting to look at these diagrams without knowing the people at all because it might be easier to objectively notice trends. I like that you added engaged and pregnant into the chart too because it shows it as it is developing.

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