K.Kosmider-Week 4- Kinship Charts

Kinship Chart

I realized that marriages in my family hold strong. Neither of my grandparents-my father’s side being together for over $60- got divorced and neither did my parents.  Funnily enough, neither my aunt or uncle got married in their life.  Everyone depicted was white, so there was no bi-racial couples in my family. I am a huge European mix though.  My sister and I are not yet married so we are unable to tell what trends may appear.

One thought on “K.Kosmider-Week 4- Kinship Charts

  1. When I was examining your kinship chart, I came to notice that you had some what of smaller family, which is perfectly fine. I, on the other hand can’t really relate due to the amount of cousins that I have on both sides. Nevertheless it was quite informative on the way that you presented your family, and explained the dynamic between them. You explained how no one in your family has gotten divorced. In Chapter 6: “Ties that Connect: Marriage, Family, and Kinship”, Rosman and Rubel argue that in some of the societies they studied, this was sometimes due to the fact that it was too expensive for couple to divorce since it would cost the husband money to buy the woman back. With that being said, I am pretty sure that wasn’t the reason your family decided to stay together. For whatever reason they did, nevertheless, it was important that they did since nuclear families do indeed provide stable relationships with each member of the family. Your description and chart of your family were both well written and thought out.

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