L. Guan – Week Four-Kinship Charts


  • My mother’s side of the family is female dominated.
  • Reversely, my father’s side of the family is male dominated.
  • There are only three generations on my father’s side of family, and each of the family have only one child.
  • There are four generations on my mother’s side of family, and all of my nephews and nieces are very cute.
  • My mother came from Hunan Province, China, and she came to Kunming 28 years ago, then she met my father, married him, and stayed at Kunming. Later, three of my uncle and aunt moved off home, and left Hunan came to Kunming as well.
  • All of my father’s family came from Kunming, and one of my uncle of my father’s side moved to Canada last year.
  • I am the only girl on my father’s side of the family.
  • There is no divorced couple on my whole big family.
  • In my big family of both my parents’ sides, there are 45% of female, and 55% of male.
  • Kinship-Chart-1.pdf

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