Samjela Ndifontah – Week 4 – Kinship Charts


In my chart, I disclose two generations before me and one generation after me. My maternal side has more females than males , but in their children,  boys out number girls. Likewise, on my paternal side, males outnumber females as well as in their children.

There is also more divorce on my fathers side with a total of three, while the divorce on my mother’s side is one.

My eldest sister has two children, thus I have a nephew and niece. Moreover two of my sisters got engaged and one is pregnant, but I do not know the sex of the child. Likewise my cousin also got engaged. One of my cousins got a child out of wedlock

Kinship tree

2 thoughts on “Samjela Ndifontah – Week 4 – Kinship Charts

  1. I think that you did a beautiful job making the chart so clear, particularly since you have such a large family to diagram. I really like how you labeled the chart and especially the way you noted people who are deceased. I didn’t do that on my chart, but I wish that I had because several of my grandparents are dead and it is impossible to tell that from my chart.
    Like you mentioned with your family, a lot of families seem to have more divorce on one side of the family than the other. I wonder if this is just random or if there are some families that are more prone to divorce either because the family is more accepting of it or for some other reason. Sometimes it seems like although our society as a whole has cultural norms that are different from other societies, each family has their kind of sub-culture that is subtly different from other families.

  2. From looking at your kinship diagram and reading your post about it, I was surprised at how similar it was to my own. My mom had 6 siblings, who all married and most of whom have children, meaning I have a lot of cousins on that side. However, looking at yours, it’s pretty clear that having children and a large family seems to be important to your family. Your grandparents had 5 and 6 children, and then those children of theirs all married and had 2-4 children of their own – with the exception of your parents, who had seven. I know there has been a lot written about how the average family size (at least in the United States) has decreased over the decades, but it seems that your family – especially your immediate family – hasn’t really followed that trend. I would be interested to learn about the importance of having a large number of children in your family. I see you have some married siblings, some of whom have children – do they plan to have large families like their parents and grandparents? Or is this generation somehow different?

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