E. Porter – Week Four – Kinship Chart

When looking at my chart, one can see that there is a lot of divorce in my family. In fact, believe my parents are the only ones in there generation on both sides who actually stayed married. everyone else either got divorced or never married in the first place.  On my mom’s side, there is definitely more women then there are men, and majority of the women are alive. On my dad side, its more equal, but it is smaller than my moms.  There are quite a few people in my family who are deceased but that is to be expected. One last thing is that when reading my chart from left to right, in each branch it goes from oldest to youngest with me as the exception since I am the oldest.


3 thoughts on “E. Porter – Week Four – Kinship Chart

  1. It’s interesting how your parents are the only ones in their generation who haven’t gotten a divorce. It seems to be a trend for a lot of people to be getting a divorce in our generation and our parents’, but not so much two generations ago. It makes sense that there has been less deaths for the women in your family, since the average life expectancy for women is around 7 years more. It’s interesting how your chart goes from oldest to youngest from left to right. For mine, it varies as some of my cousins already have children so it goes oldest to youngest to somewhere in between. A trend that I noticed in your chart and in other charts is the decrease in family size from one generation to the next. This seems to be because of a change in how the western world is beginning to view what a family is.

  2. Looking at your chart, I can tell that there is a total of five generations represented. Which is really impressive that you were able to remember that many of your relatives. Moreover, it appears that there are more male relatives than females in general in your linear descent chart. Furthermore, it’s interesting the way you organized your chart from left to right and oldest to youngest. This makes it easier to read, and understand, I also noticed quite a few question marks. Would that suggest that those members of your kinship are unknown to you, or does it simply indicate that you never met them? In addition, your chart indicates that you are the oldest in your generation. Thus how do you relate with your other relatives of your age? Moreover, since there are more women than men on your mother’s side, does it suggest that you have a better relationship with your mother’s side? Since women are generally more caring and loving that men.

  3. I found it interesting that in the generation of our parents that one family (either our mothers or fathers) is slightly bigger than the average family size for our generation. For example with your kinship chart, your mom had a lot of siblings, four others it looks like. In my kinship chart my dad has five siblings. I really liked that you used the symbol to show who was deceased, I didn’t do that to my kinship chart but I now wish I had because it offers a better look into trends. I also really liked that you put everyone in your chart from oldest to youngest, it makes it more organized and I think how most ancestry charts are actually made. Your chart offers three generations before you and then your generation represented in the chart. You talk about a few trends from generations before you but what about your own generation? Is there anyone married and you didn’t wish to extend your chart farther or is everyone still young?

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