ruocong zhao–week four –kinship cart

This is my kinship chart. I want to analyze my maternal relationship first. My grandparents have four offsprings, and they are all female include my mom. My mom’s youngest sister passed away about 10 years ago due to congenital disease. The rest two siblings of her both get married and give birth to male offspring.

For my paternal relationship, my grandparents have three offspring, two boys and one girl. My auntie and my uncle both get married and I have two female cousins from each of them. Because the previous one-child policy of China, my cousins and I are all so called –the only child. Our ethic is very simple because all family members belong to the Han nationality, which is the main nationality of China. My two youngest brothers both have huge age difference with me. This phoneme may suggest the tendency of late marriage and childbirth.I notice an interesting thing that is I am the only girl of the third generation in my big family. This is a social microcosm—the number of female is far less than male in China, which means many males will be the bachelor.IMG_1682

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  1. I really enjoyed reading. About your family history and looking at your kinship drawing. I think it’s important that we acknowledge our family history and distinguish the different features there are to describe one another. I thought it was great you described your grandparents first from both ends and mentioned their material status. Back then, it was muc more different to get married Compared to now. I had a lot of similarities with my kinship as wel that I could relate to yours. Mine is huge with a lot of uncles and aunts. Even though there are some separations or divorces of our families, it is great to learn about it and show it on our kinship chart. I thought your kinship chart reflected what you said about your family members well.

  2. I really enjoyed your analyses of your family’s kinship. It is really interesting to hear you talk about how you and your two siblings are all “so called the only child” with the previous one-child policy in China. It is a very different perspective then what most families in the U.S have grown up with. Also, you mention that you have two brothers, but you did not add them onto your kinship chart. Is this because of the one-child policy that you want to represent or for another reason? It is also interesting to see that your parents’ generation is a lot bigger; would you say that the phoneme of the bachelor life is a newer concept in china? Also, you mention that you have two female cousins but then say you are the only girl of the third generation. I feel as though I have confused something in your explanation, but understand the statement of being the only girl in your drawing.

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