J. Rojo – Week 5 – Systems of Exchange

Throughout the years, exchange from all different countries have evolved. Certain places develop exchange in their own way, which makes them unique. From the lecture video 5.1, it showed a lot of variety societies communicate when it comes to exchange. Exchanging goods, jobs, and developing a good strategy to distribute and produce goods, are main points throughout time.
As our economic systems, culture and the environment has a lot to do with the way we exchange goods. This is because all of these aspects must be determined by distinguishing what a country needs. Depending on what a certain country needs, or even in a more smaller aspect like a business, you exchange goods that will benefit you more. Also, when you exchange on these goods it influences the way you live. If you exchange fruits and vegetables for gasoline, this could benefit you if you have a business for lower income families. If one has too much of the certain goods that someone else wants, then you can also come with an agreement. There are many different ways in order to do this. Your environment can influence you to decide on certain goods you may need as well. If a business is running low on stones or planting products, it can exchange with another business that has a lot of this.
Production and distribution play a huge role when it comes to the systems of exchange. This is because goods need to be developed and made well in order for it to be divided and sent among others for exchange. If this does not work well, that is when a disagreement occurs. If that occurs, tension tends to begin and then the systems of exchange will be disorganized. Now that our culture has developed, technology has helped with producing goods and distributing them. Taking it back to the time when there were no machines, things were produced and made by hand. Depending on the product, people would produce goods and distribute them by travel. This would be by boat, for example. Today, things have changed due to machinery. This has helped a lot for the systems of exchange. It saves a lot of time and money as well. Due to technology, it’s allowed for production and distribution to occur more smoothly. It’s helped develop more jobs as well. Employment is important now more than ever for people, especially for the middle and lower class.
The redistribution also is another system of exchange as it describes collecting goods and then distributing them again for other goods. The market exchange is another system of exchange as it describes buyers and sellers to be able to choose certain companies they want to negotiate with. Depending on the supply and demand, this will determine the price of certain items as well.
In the end, the different systems of exchange are correlate in one on production and distribution to benefit for their society and culture. This is for the better of the people and help build a better society.

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