K. Rynkar – Week 6 Blog Post – Cultural Boundaries

Prompt option one: At first when i read this weeks blog post i didn’t think that there were too many things that i do on a daily basis that are influenced or rooted in another culture. However as i sat down and thought about it i was surprised to realize that i take part in tons of activities that are culturally adopted. To begin with the most obvious cultural adoption i see in my daily life would be the type of music i listen to. I am a rap and hip-hop fan which is rooted in the African American culture, one that is different than mine. Another cultural adoption i see in my daily life would be the type of food that i eat, my most favorite foods come from the Italian culture and the southern American culture, both different from my culture. Also one of my most favorite snacks comes from the Asian culture. It is a more authentic version of ramen noodles that comes with three flavor packets and can only be bought at an Asian super market. I was introduced to this snack by my friend who is Vietnamese. Another cultural adoption that comes to mind from my own life would be style and in particular hair styles. Me (and most of American’s) get most of our hairstyle ideas and inspirations from European culture. I was informed from my cousin who is a cosmetologist that if i wanted to find the next trend in haircuts that i need to research what the Europeans are doing. Also i have recently considered getting corn rows another type of hairstyle that would be adopted from the African American culture. I think that cultures move across boarder through the media mostly the internet and T.V. However i think that it is also a by product from people who travel and experience different cultures first hand.

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  1. It is amazing how much we have changed because of the internet. We can do so many things almost instantaneously because of the internet. When I have been abroad, it seems like the music that is being played is half local and half American. We all influence each other so much internationally. We take so many things that European and Asian countries do and integrate them into our culture that it is indistinguishable. A lot of people think that there is nothing more American than a nicely manicured large lawn, but the idea of leaving large plots of land untouched except for certain types of grass is a British idea. I think that is evidence that while unique cultures are influential, we as humans can adapt and learn new cultures over time. Learning and expanding on certain cultural boundaries are important in working together with the world to stand united and work together on the problems and tragedies of our Age.

  2. I thought it was interesting you did not immediately see cultural globalization all around you. Would you say that you primarily eat American food? I know that food is the first thing I thought of when thinking of this. I would also argue that hip-hop/rap music while performed by mostly African Americans, did not actually start in Africa. I liked how you incorporated hairstyles. While I am a female, I just simply cut my hair and I do not require inspiration. I would agree that television and travel allows culture to move across boarders. While traveling this summer I experienced a chance to eat whale, while in our society that is frowned upon but in Iceland and Norway where I was exploring it is completely normal. That is not only cultural differences in food, but also in opinion. I know a more common thing is that many people refuse to east Sushi, like myself, because they do not like the idea of eating raw fish while in other places eating raw food is considered a norm.

  3. I would have to agree with jackfert on this one. I feel like sometimes we actually do experience different cultural aspects in our lives but we do not necessarily notice or pay much attention to them. Of course food would be the biggest aspect of experiencing a different culture, but there are also thing such as clothing, music as you stated in your post, and even like plays or performances. I agree that culture moves across the border through internet and television. It gives people a chance to experience a different culture without having to leave the conform of their own home. Although getting a chance to experience a different culture at first hand is a much bigger and better experience than learning about something you saw or TV or read on the internet. All in all I fell as though it is better for people to venture out in the world and try to see other people’s culture from a different perspective than their own.

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