D. Alvarado – Week Six – Cultural Boundaries

All over the world there are numerous types of different cultures. Some are very similar to others, while others are completely different from one another. Since i’ve started attending Michigan State University about three years ago now, I cant help but pickup and notice certain things about other nationality students that attend here. I actually have even made quite a few friendships as well with those students and it really is quite interesting hearing the differences between us. The main culture concept that moves across borders that we can all agree on is food. When thinking about my main go to types of restaurants that I enjoy spending my money at, those ones are not at all accustom to the American society. Oriental food, Italian food, Mexican food, etc., all have been around since I was a kid, but you would never know they weren’t accustom to our culture due to the amount of interaction Americans have with these foods everyday.

Another major way cultures jump borders is exactly that actually. Today the United States as a country has had a lot of illegal immigrants enter when they shouldn’t be. This problem mainly being in the south on the Mexican-American border. Not saying that they are the only race sneaking over and doing this, but they’re the main one that does. About 60 years ago, a lot of Orientals came over from East Asia and have established themselves on our west coast. This in turn had brought a lot of their ways and traditions into our country that we experience today just like Mexicans and other races bring their ways of culture with them as well. Clothing, currency, technology, etc., all these simple ideas being shared. A major example of this could be Sony (Japan) and Microsoft (USA). We these two being the head electronic companies in the world for gaming, a lot of their business between the two of them is hard competition. Like I said though, these are just some of the many other culture boundaries over extended into my daily life.

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  1. At the beginning, this passage has introduced that there are numerous types of different cultures all over the globe, among those cultures, some are sharing with the similarities and they are also differentiated with each other. Then the writer used the examples from daily life to demonstrate the culture adoption and the ways of how they transfer from one country to another. For instance, Michigan State University has provided a very good opportunity for students to notice certain things about other nationalities, it was a very good way of having friendship with other nationalities and hearing the differences between the culture. Moreover, the writer has mentioned that the main culture concept that moves across borders is food, as exampled by Oriental food, Italian food, Mexican food, etc. Followed this, jump border also seen as a major way of culture transferring all around the world. Generally speaking, the writer has well structured to illustrate the many different channels of culture across the boundaries, and very closely linked those ways to the daily life.

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