Haolong Li – Week 6 Blog Post – Cultural Boundaries or Consequences of Globalization

Prompt option one: Cultural adoptions

Cultural adoption is reflected in all aspects of life, by my personal experience, I think food and festivals are the most typical example. Food is a good impression of cultural adoptions. KFC, McDonald’s are internationally renowned restaurant chain, and very popular in China. When these restaurants just begun to entry China, local people target them as luxury food restaurant, because at that time, people’s living standard is not high, and consumption in these restaurant s is relatively large for customers, which directly led people think eat at these restaurant is a relax of daily life. In contact, American people think KFC, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut as a fast food, which is cheep and fast, and not healthy. When I came to East Lansing, I found some American Chinese food, like orange chicken, which I never see in China restaurant. This is change of Chinese food, in order to comply with local tastes. KFC also did a similar things, for comply with local tastes, they provide rice and local flavor products in China, which can never found in USA. These are good examples to show food culture adoptions.

Festival is an important manifestation of culture adoption. The Chinese famous traditional festivals are Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and Dragon boat festival. In these days, people will stay with their family and enjoys local customs, like eat moon cake in Mid-Autumn Festival or eat Zongzi and watch dragon boat racing in Dragon boat festival. These practices are all have historical allusions. Today, people began to live overseas holidays, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day. Chinese people will give their favorite people an apple in Christmas Eve, which represented their best wishes. In Valentine’s Day, lovers will prepare gifts, and rose is best and most famous choice. These are festival culture’s fusion in China. More and more countries are now celebrating Chinese New Year together, like fireworks in the landmarks, and overseas Chinese has celebration activities in local place. These are proves of festival cultural adoption.

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  1. I have the very similar thoughts as yours. Nowadays in China, more and more young people would like to celebrate the foreign festival like Christmas eve, Christmas or valentine’s day. Also, a lot of department stores would have the holiday sale right before December, or the florists would increase the price on the day of valentine’s day, but there are still a lot of customers would like to spend the money for the red rose in order to express their loves. On the other hand, as your posting mentioned, a lot of foreign counties started to celebrate some of the Chinese traditional holidays like spring festival. My cousin’s host family would take him to the local Chinese restaurant at the day of spring festival, which is the Lunar New Year of China, to celebrate the festival. Those kind of cultural adoption would be more and more common in the future, because of the growing inclusive of people from all over the world.

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