J. Rojo – Week 6 – Cultural Boundaries or Cultural Consequences of Globalization

Culture no matter what kind of aspect it might be is all around us. It’s been in our society for decades now and the United States continues to evolve and expand this aspect of our lives. I believe this is good because it’s educating the people of different cultural backgrounds. Today, many do not know what the difference in cultures is because not many people know much about about it. Many people who’ve immigrated to the United States have now adjusted to the American culture, but still keep their culture true to them as well. For my family and I, we still keep our Mexican culture and American culture close to us by the things we say or do everyday. In our household, we eat mainly Mexican dishes and speak Spanish. However, we watch American television shows and dress in the American way. I notice this is not only for us, but for other cultures as well. One of my friends who is Chinese still speaks Chinese to her family and friends but adjusts to the culture here by playin American sports or watching Netflix. Today, these hobbies are seen everywhere. It’s a way in which every culture now has a thing in common. Another way I see culture adopting certain traits is by the media. When you watch tv, certain shows or commercials now target certain cultures. This is a great way to educate people on other cultures. Some times it may not be accurate, but for the information presented on the news, for example, it’s great to watch and familiarize over because it’s most likely a neighbor near you relates to that. Music has another way culture has adopted in the United States and with everyone in general. With music, certain genres from different cultures have now combined together. With the media, it can help others get familiarize with the language. There are a ton of ways in which people can get educated on cultures nowadays and its evolving and changing everyday.

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  1. Hi J. Rojo,

    I think your analysis was a great example of how different cultural influences are so strongly rooted in American society. As you mentioned, many people don’t know what makes one culture unique from another, simply because of the overlapping beliefs and practices etc. that individuals quickly adopt. I love that you and your family still speak Spanish at your home and stick to Mexican dishes—In a world that is influenced by so many cultures, I think it’s incredibly important to honor and practice your own cultural values, while identifying the unique influence your culture has on the rest of society.

    I also thought it was interesting when you mentioned the cultural adoptions present in the media. Despite the cultural permeability and influence our society encounters and accepts on a daily basis, I find that the media strongly perpetuates stereotypes that are still present in the world. In my opinion, it is both shocking and frustrating that different cultures are portrayed in a negative light when they have had such a strong and positive influence on our daily routines and lifestyles.

  2. I think it is great that your family continues to practice traditions from Mexican culture. I’ve seen through my family that it does not always happen. My grandparents often spoke Polish, my parents spoke it a little, and now I only know a couple of words. It’s kind of sad to watch my family drift away from their ancestral culture and I hope that doesn’t happen to your family. Like the comment above, I am surprised that you feel that the media is helpful and does a good job portraying other cultures. As an American who has not traveled much, I’ve always felt pretty uneducated about other cultures and thought that the media seems to just replay a few cultural stereotypes. However, I think you are in a better position than me to judge this because you have live in both cultures and I have not and I’m glad to know that the media sometimes does a good job.

  3. I like how you talked about how the culture blends. I tried to bring that into my discussion but I do not think I succeeded as much as you did. I also like the connection to music you make. Besides English I have taken French class both in high school and college and Italian just in college. It really helps me to think in that language by listening to music in that language and from that culture. Some of my favorite songs for a while were foreign artists, not just because I am trying to learn a new language but because I wanted to hear and think about other parts of the world. One of my all-time favorite bands is Korean, which is honestly something I do not think my younger self imagined but it has helped me with cultural studies of that part of the world and it gives me a topic of conversation as that band is quick popular in all the Asian countries.

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