L. Guan – Week 6 – Cultural Boundaries

As the global economic recovery and rapid development of the cultural exchange, more and more Chinese start to have some new “traditions”. Nowadays in China, at the very beginning of the December of each year, more and more department stores would like to propagandize the Christmas promotion advertising in order to attract more customers, even though Christmas is not the traditional festival in China, the enthusiasm of Chinese celebrate for the Christmas is unabated. However, this is not a bad thing. We should be glad that the economy develops very great that people could have enough money and time to spend and celebrate.

My little cousin is 16 years old, and he just came back from Japan last month. He is actually a huge fan of Japanese anime. Every summer vacation, he would visit Japan for the new Garage Kits, and my uncle and aunt supported his hobby a lot. There are a lot of teenager in Chinese are the fans of the Japanese anime, but not every family would support their children’s interests. It is not difficult to find a kind of report or posting online like “My parents asked me to transfer my limited edition model to the child of my distant relatives”. Especially when the festival coming, and relatives start to visit each other, those kind of posting would reach a peak, and it seems not a big deal, but for those who is the huge fans, would be very upset during the holiday season. Japanese anime is becoming more and more popular in China, even when I was a child, I have watched the famous Japanese anime “Sailor Moon”, and it was a very wonderful memory in my primary school life that when I finished my homework everyday, my mother would take out the DVD of Sailor Moon and let me watch for 45 minutes. Currently, my mother would not interfere whatever I want and no matter how long I watch for the TV, but the precious 45 minutes are always in my mind, it represents the happy time in my earlier life. And Chinese anime are making a lot of improvement nowadays, we cannot ignore the help or the inspiration that Japanese anime bring to us, and this kind of cultural exchange is very common in todays global environment.

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