L. Perkins – Week Six – Cultural Boundaries or Consequences of Globalization

Globalization is a great thing that offers many opportunities, especially for jobs, for others but there are many consequences that come along with it that can negatively affect our environment and us if we do not become more cautious. We have learned from our lecture “Fate of the World” that technology is continuing to grow which is causing us to use up more of our environments natural resources (gas, oil, etc.) than ever before. With technology growing and more and more people coming to the United States we are finding ourselves in a dangerous situation because it has been agreed upon that these resources will not be around forever we just do not know when they will become obsolete. With these changes occurring we have tried to create alternatives to prepare ourselves for when that day comes, we have seen some of these new developments in solar/wind power, electronic cars, etc. These are great alternatives to have to protect our environments natural resources but can negatively impact us financially.

I also learned from the lecture ”People on the Move” that globalization integrates individuals from different countries that are seeking to find new and better opportunities. This can be seen as a positive thing because more individuals from different countries create diversity and bring in more revenue for that specific area as well as allow individuals to seek better opportunities than they had previously experienced. With refugees in particular I never knew that were two different kinds of refugees and that the government now recognizes them are their own group of individuals, different from immigrants, because of their unique circumstances. Political refugees fled their country of origin based on fear on punishment from an oppressive government and a economic refugee are those who are forced to leave because they can no longer afford to stay in their country. The United States has been very accepting to refugees coming to the country to seek better opportunities from a toxic system but the threat of deportation has cause individuals to come to the country illegally because they cannot risk the staying in their own country any longer.

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  1. First I would like to say that this is a well written post. I enjoyed reading it and looking at your opinions on Globalization. As far as the fact that we were using up our fossil fuels, I totally agree with both you and “The fate of our World lecture”. However as far as the alternative technologies that could be used in order to stop this from happening, even though they may be expensive, do you believe that they are worth buying? It maybe our only way to prevent us from using up all of the fuel. I also agree with your argument about people being on the move. The fact that the United States is one of the main countries accepting these refugees is a bit concerning though. The fact of the matter is that countries, including U.S. have been talking about decreasing the amount of refugees that should be taken in. Which then makes me wonder where are they supposed to go? Overall though great job on the post.

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