S.Luo-Week Six

Shanghai Disneyland is officially open recently, the world’s most successful theme park is successfully launched in the world’s largest cultural entertainment market. China has a large number of Disney fans, especially for many Chinese people born after 1980s, Walt Disney accompanied by their juvenile and youth as a whole. Before Shanghai Disneyland opened, the United States, Japan, France and Hong Kong Disneyland have already attracted a large number of Chinese tourists.


From the point of consumers’ recognition of Disney, Walt Disney in China has enough solid cultural foundation. Before reform and opening up, China’s mass culture products was quite scarce, with the opening up of the fields of economy, society, China built up its own system, mass culture, and the grow and mature of China’s mass culture have been accompanied by the communication with the rest of the world culture. Chinese mass culture formed in the blend with the culture of rest of the world, among them, the cultural exchange of China and the United States is one of the most important link.


American culture has a distinct attributes of consumption culture, Disney is typical of consumption culture, the consumers are given with Disney’s dreams that are generated by consumption. No matter for watching movies or visiting to a theme park, consumer support of Disney’s development, all of these have formed the culture development model of public support of popular culture consumption. Another secret of success for Disney running is IP operation, Disney animation has created many images which give the customers thorough popular feeling. For instance, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the lion king, surrounding these IP to provide immersive experience for fans is a key for Disneyland to success.


China’s cultural market is with the potential development of blowout, but the cultural industry in China is still at the lower stage of development, mostly it is still in the developing mode of imitating other countries, the United States is the key object to imitate. The game industry, for example, although China is the world’s largest online game market, most Chinese game production is still in the imitation stage of blizzard in world of warcraft. In fact, long history, profound cultural heritage provides abundant resources to contemporary Chinese mass culture, it is necessary for China’s culture industry to learn from their American counterparts, and the opening of Disneyland is the best window for their close observation of American popular culture and cultural industry.

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