Y Li – Week 6 – Cultural boundaries

Cultural adoption is now essential for a country to develop, it give people chances to see and feel different cultures from all over the world. Of all the cultural adoption I’ve experienced, the first one that comes to my mind is festivals. Christmas, Thanksgiven and Halloween are not traditional festivals in China and Chinese people used not to celebrate them. But in recent decades, these western traditional festivals start to appear in Chinese people’s life, we start to celebrate these festivals like Americans, for example, more and more families started to buy Christmas gift for their children, restaurants started to provide turkeys during Thanksgiven; parks and schools prepares Halloween activities which decorate the area as ghost house and provide candies for children. However, cultural adoptions in forms of festivals don’t just happened in China. When I was an exchange student in Minnesota, I went to my host mum’s friend’s house during Chinese New Year, I’ve never expect to have any celebrations for Chinese New Year so I was super surprised when they gave me lucky money and dumplings.
Another common way of cultural adoption is food, there are a lot of KFCs, PizzaHuts and McDonalds which represent fast food from America are becoming more common in other countries, and special menus are created based on locations, like Taco in Mexico KFCs, curry in Indian KFCS, one amazing product in Chinese PizzaHuts is Durian Pizza, which might sounds horrible for you guys because I’ve heard so many American talking about how horrible Durian smells but the Durian pizza is actually very good. so it’s really shows the cultural adoption and cultural remix is becoming widely accepted and welcomed by people.

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  1. I agree with you and I think this is a great post. Because I am also a Chinese, so I have some similar experiences about the cultural adoption. I also mentioned festival in my own post. 10 years ago, Chinese just like celebrating traditional Chinese festival, however, these years Chinese people like celebrating some western festivals like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving. In addition, some Chinese like celebrating these festival in their own way. I went to the United States 6 years ago. At that time, when the Chinese New Year was coming, my classmates gave me a surprise party to celebrate the Chinese festival. So I noticed that cultural adoption also happened in the United States. In addition, food industry can show the cultural adoption easily. In these days, I can find many Chinese traditional food in KFC, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. These food brands used to only provide American style foods but they also provide Chinese style food in these days.

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