Z. Wurtz – Week six – Consequences of Globalization

In the film “Life and Death”, the negative effects of globalization are seen in Jamaica in particular. The main consequences of globalization include making factories in low wage companies, and the selling of products to a world market rather than locally. One example of this is when Jamaica received 50 million dollars in a loan agreement, which stated that local production on farms had to halt production, or lower their yield, in order to promote agriculture and manufacturing. From this, an influx of imported powdered milk emerged at a lower price, causing the dairy farmers to halt production, as they were unable to compete in the market. Also many carrot farmers are being put out of work because they are competing against out sourced industries that use machines to harvest the product, while most famers use only a machete to farm the carrots, putting them at a huge disadvantage. Even when these farmers were able to ship their carrots, they were informed the product was not “good enough” compared to what they received from elsewhere. Another consequence of globalization was the start of ‘free zones” including one in Jamaica, which allowed production by companies to be taxed very lightly or not at all in hope to encourage economic activity. Because of the cheap, poor labor conditions, many Jamaican workers started a strike demanding better pay and conditions. This in turn caused the company to begin to hire Chinese workers for their factory because the labor was cheaper. There is also the case of the production of bananas in Jamaica. The Jamaican producers can only sell their product to the UK, and cannot expand into the US because companies like Dole and Chiquita own 95% of the world market for bananas. The concept of out sourcing has cost many people their jobs locally just on the basis of a company wanting cheaper labor, and has happened all across the world.

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