D. Mao – Week Seven – Final Reflection

Through six weeks’ readings, lectures and films, I learned a lot about the anthology. For this week’s post, when I look back to the materials that I have learned, I found that there is a linkage between week three, week four and week six. In my opinion, the linkage between these week’s theme is culture. In week three, by watching the lecture 3.3 Rituals: Sacred and Secular. I noticed that one little movement, one thing’s locating place and one single word or sentence can mean a lot in a ritual. After I wrote my post and read other people’s post, I found that culture is really important in ritual. One people from different culture may do not understand other culture’ s ritual. For example, the funeral in China is really different than it in the United States. This is because culture make people learn, see and think in a different way. During week four, I learned from the lecture that kinship is a culture system. I was not understand why kinship is a culture system because in my opinion I think kinship is just a relationship between family members. However, after reading all learning materials other people’s posts, I found that culture influences kinship a lot. From some Chinese students’ kinship charts, I can found that people like male more than female. Therefore, people tried to birth more male in China. However, this activity did not happen in the United States. In my opinion, this is also relates to culture. In Chinese culture, people think male can do more job and bring more money to help the family live better. Also, people want a male to keep their family name from one generation to another generation. Thus, culture influences kinship a lot. During week six, this week is about globalization and culture. By reading the article “How Sushi Went Global”, I learned what is culture adoption. One culture can accept other culture’s things. By reading people’s weekly posts, I found that after one culture accept other culture’s things, one culture may transfer these things into their own way. For example, nowadays, Chinese people like celebrating western festivals. However, the way that Chinese people celebrate these festivals is really different than western people celebrate these festivals. Therefore, I believe culture is a linkage between these week’s theme.

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  1. I was very interested reading your post and learning about new things that I had not know before. In week 3 when we had to do an assignment dealing with rituals, it was nice that we had the opportunity to relate something from our own lives and how we or someone else may see it as a ritual. I had never known that in China, the system of how a funeral occurs is different from that of how we have funerals here in the United States. I would be really interested to know some of the differences between a Chinese funeral and how it differs from that of a funeral here in the United States. In week 4 when we learned and discussed kinship, it was nice to see how you related that to your culture and how you stated that in China, families tend to push for having more male children than females so when they grow older, they can continue the family name and how they feel they can have better jobs and bring in more money than women can.

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