L. Guan – Week 7 – Final Reflections

From the course name “Introduction to Cultural Anthropology”, it is not hard to find out that “cultural” is the mainly subject or the topic of this course. From every posting of each week, the cultural subject has gradually deepened from week 1 to week 6. So, how should we define the word “culture”? In a narrow sense, it could be defined as the thought, behavior, customs and habits of a group; In a broad sense, culture could be defined as the production or creation of a group, and then passed to others by this group. From the lectures and the reading materials from week 6, we could find that this is an era of globalization, and there are a lot of mutual benefit and cooperation opportunities, but also the conflict of religious, racial, and cultural intense would consequent on. From the lectures and reading materials from week 4 and week 5, the cultural exchange would provide the solution to those problems. And those linkage and connection really help me to understand the word “culture” better.

From other classmates’ weekly posting of week 4, we can learn about the different customs of different nationalities. And it also represented the development globalization. Ethnic is another good example. Ethnic groups are sometimes aggregated by culture as well, and some of the “people” want to “split” from the “national family”, and even some countries are willing to form a community based on the cultural identity or not. On the other hand, the different cultures of all over the world, has been always impact each other, we cannot assert that there is or is no completely independent national culture. Today’s national culture, in the past may not be a national culture. It makes me think of the metaphor of the tower of Babel, from the assimilation to dissimilation and assimilation, just a cycle. And for culture, I think it is the same. Globalization bring a lot of exchange to people, and we need to select the essence the dross.

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  1. I like your way of saying this in a lead in style of writing, the introduction is really great! And I like how you link those different topics with. A little bit my thoughts on that is that I also think week 2 is pretty important that I learn a lot from it. It talks about the racial problem that people is having for centuries and still didn’t solve, and I don’t even realize most of it, also, I think it is quite important too to connect with following topics.
    You focus on the classmates week four responses is really good point of view, and I like those posts too, and I also feel the connection between classmates, and the influence of globalization. I didn’t really put much thought on the ethnic part, and it really gives me a reminder, it is a good example, and it is really enjoyable to see every country dealt with that differently. It is a really interesting point that you mentioned, that culture is like a cycle that always form new culture by learning from other cultures and then become their culture that people can identify with.

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