L.Perkins – Week Seven – Final Reflections

There were many takeaways I had from this course. I believe that the structure allowed us to open up, learn more about ourselves/classmates and create a conversation that we wouldn’t think to have otherwise. In week 3 we dive into learning about rituals and that graduations, holidays and overall things that we felt comes naturally now took a deeper meaning and we realized that these rituals are what holds our families together. This provided a perfect transition into week 4 which allowed us to explore our family history that some, if it wasn’t for this course, would not have taken the time to learn about the trends in their families. With this information in week 5 we began to discover the different forms of exchange and how we play a vital role in these forms. All these lectures prepared us for week 6 where we learned about the larger impact we had globally. With our culture, traditions, family history/background and the role that we play in society in week 6 we learned about the integration of different people, ideas, etc. that help make and shape our future.

Another takeaway that I gained from this course is how society finds numerous ways to categorize us to make sense of the world. Whether it was learning about gender vs. sex in Week 4 or learning about economy and the system of exchange in week 5 one thing that I believe that these things have in common is that in order for us to survive and succeed in our society we must play our role. As we all know by now, from taking this course specifically, is that sex is the classification of biological traits whereas gender is the state of being a male or female based on societal norms that dictates behaviors. In most cases sex does correlate with gender but we see new cases everyday where people are defining their own gender regardless of sex. I believe that this new way of thinking is something that we should keep in mind with all things because we see society “rules” are continuing to be rewritten everyday.


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  1. I believe this is a very good summary of what we have learnt throughout the course. You did a very good job illustrate the whole course from its structure and link everything altogether. I truly agree we learnt a lot more about ourselves and also our classmates from the conversations regarding the concepts and ideas around sociocultural anthropology. As you mentioned what we see and experience daily in our life, culture, traditions, family history, background and the role we play in society, are all linked together towards making a meaning of our beings, and these are also what anthropologists are interested at and concern about. You have also brought up an interesting perspective about how we should live in the diverse cultural systems by playing our role regardless of how people in different cultures categorize us. Cultural rules indeed are written by people and are changing over time but I believe, the system of difference will always persist even with the rapid development of globalization.

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