J.Healy-Week 7-Final Reflections

Throughout the week we have listened to many lectures, movies, and read articles on many different things, but they are all much more interrelated than just being part of anthropology. For instance, on the first week we learned just the basics of what anthropology is, and then moved forward towards systems of difference. These are related because anthropology is all about people being together, so week two focused on why and how people differentiate themselves, which throws a wrench in the system of week one. The next week elaborates on different types of communication and rituals to show that people bond over such things. Like how in the video Languages Lost and Found many different groups were able to communicate in many nontraditional ways, thus breaking the mold as to what language is.  Week four furthers this with the bonding by teaching us about different kids of kinship. The movie there even goes to show that a group with all males do not function properly, in order to function as a society we need diversity. This also links back to anthropology in week one by showing how key diversity is. Week five takes relation to the next level by talking more about the economic side of relationships, even if they are business relationships. This links back by showing that even when you just buy something from someone, you form a bond with them. It is more than just the goods being traded or bought. In the movie To the Light: Chinese Miners they show how it is almost worth risking their lives in the mines to die because of the compensation their families would get. Week six then focuses on culture and how it travels. Obviously this is one of the key points as to why anthropology is important, but also it shows that through economics culture can be crossing boarders and bring humans closer together. And finally, week seven wraps everything all up and prepares us for the exam. All of these weeks are different, but they all are interconnected much like how society is today.

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  1. This post is very informative. It informs us and summarizes to us how the course goes along the period of the semester. I have to agree with all of the points that you make, like the first one. All of the lectures, movies, and articles are more interrelated than just being a part of anthropology. It shows us in depth the different aspects of sociocultural anthropology and all that encompasses the subject. I also like your last sentence. You say that all of the weeks are different, but they all are interconnected much like how society is today. I think that lots of our society is different. It is different because it is not what it used to be, it is different from other societies, and it is different because America in itself is a melting pot unlike anywhere else. Alas, this course has taught me that being different isn’t all that bad, it actually isn’t bad at all.

  2. This posts summarizes some of the underlining themes and links that are expressed throughout the course. Such as the importance and effects of how people differentiate themselves. As stated in lecture 2, “race is socially constructed and is not supported by biology”. In light of this I agree with the author on how a society is bent on differentiating amongst people. Even though, some of the classifications used such as; race, gender, and class do not fully represent the individual they are attempting to represent. Similarly, the author discusses the impact that language has and its value to a society. Once more I do agree with the author since language is one of the most essential way for people to make meaning and share it as discussed in lecture 3.1. Although language and its meaning differs from place to place, it remains quite important to the functioning of the society. Likewise, the author also mentions the globalization of cultures, and how this opened up many possibilities for other endeavors such as business. Lecture six refers to that as “cultural diffusion”. I also agree with the author on this point which has in a sense led to a smaller world.

  3. I enjoyed your blog post because it refreshes many of the ideas and terms discussed throughout the semester. You talked about one of my most favorite videos in the course called Languages Lost and Found. I liked this video because it expounded on the ways in which language can be understood without even speaking in words but instead in movements and gestures. It shows how we as humans have the ability to communicate in many different forms. Some forms of communication are not as traditional as others but people still use them to get their ideas and feelings across. The fact that people make an effort means that they care and are willing to learn. In week 4, we began really making it personal by discussing kinship. Although I didn’t see the point of this activity in the beginning, as I started to long at other people’s kinship charts I began to understand however their families ‘worked’ and many of their cultural values. Thank you for your blog post. It was very informative and I appreciate your input in this course. Hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed this semester!

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