K. Rynkar – Week 7 – Final Reflections

Throughout this course i learned a lot about how culture, society, and environment interact and effect one another. It was interesting to see just how much these three factors shape a person’s life. I found myself initially relating everything to my life  and the way I view things based on my three factors of culture, environment, and society that i live in. I soon learned that this approach was a form of ethnocentrism and began to try to learn things more openly without letting my life experiences get in the way of what i was able to learn about other cultures. In my opinion one of the most interesting things we learned about this  semester was the idea that the categorization of race is not determined biologically but instead race is determined culturally. This phenomenon didn’t affect me personally as i feel that my race is the same in my previous idea of “biological” race as it is in my new ideology of culturally based race categorization. However it was fascinating to think of potential situations where a person would be categorized in one race “biologically” and a different race “culturally”. I even found some examples in my own life where friends of mine would fit that description of having a different culturally defined race than they would have if race were determined biologically. Another intriguing topic we covered in this course was in the section of religion. I was surprised to learn that mostly all the major religions in the world had similar components. It is interesting to think about how different their culture, environment, and society is from each others that they would have beliefs systems that have many similarities.  Lastly the theme of globalization was very informational and really made me think about how things i do everyday come from cultures quite different from mine. The idea of cultural diffusion showed me how something from the Japanese culture, sushi, made it’s way to America and is now apart of our culture. Overall i took  a lot of new information from this course that i can use to better understand people who are different than me with an open mind which can be applied to both my personal and professional life.

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  1. Reading your post I am kind of confused when you say a person can have both a biological race and a cultural race. Many of the readings we had in the class were of anthropologists disproving that race can be a biological thing, citing a lack of any kind of scientific evidence showing a biological race existing. I agree with the viewpoint that race is a culture thing, but rather than your biological race lining up with your cultural race, I think it might be more of you identifying with your culture, which there is nothing wrong with. Rather than claiming it is because of your biology or genetics, I would argue it is more based on the three factors you wrote about: culture, society, and environment.

    In addition, when you say that your friends can be categorized as a “culture” race that differs from their “biological” race, it makes even more sense that a biological race has no real credibility.

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