N. Carmona – Week Seven – Final Reflections

I didn’t have any idea what Anthropology was exactly. There’s so much I have learned from this course. I am going to talk about week 1. At first when you asked us to describe a street with details, I started to feel like I was undercover FBI agent and looking around my surroundings that now when I drive somewhere I look at details and what the people are wearing and going. Since week 1, I have been more alert around my surroundings.

Week 4
We had to draw our kinship. I found it really fun and interesting because I had to ask my parents about how many brothers and sisters each had and I had to draw it. Then I acknowledged that my dad had almost all brothers but had 2 sisters and my mom had 4 sister and 4 brothers all together. My mom had more boys than girls then it got me thinking that boys in our family males are more dominate than girls.

Week 6
How sushi went global (lecture 6.1, slide 12). We are surrounded by cultural diffusion and we don’t know like baseball and disneyland is from America and now it’s at japan. We have pokemon and nintendo. In the 19th century it was hard to think that we would have so much cultural diffusion. The world is changing fast and we don’t realize that so much is changing around us. Again I will mention amine and I’ve noticed that a lot of college students watch it. Amine has become a big part in America that we wait to watch it in subtitles or english dubbed. It seems like every country takes something and makes it their own. I am one of those students that is watching anime. That I would’ve never thought it was cultural diffusion. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that where taking part of it.

2 thoughts on “N. Carmona – Week Seven – Final Reflections

  1. I agree with you on many things. I didn’t exactly know what anthropology was at first either. With the kinship for example, it was fun to make because it allowed me to ask questions to my family members and understand the family structure. As I was making it, I learned a lot of history throughout my family years and realized how important it was to know about it. It also made me feel proud of the family relatives I have. You won’t find out about anything if you don’t ask and it made some clarifications again bout my family dynamic. With the lecture of week 6 “How Sushi Went Global” it talked about how much of a cultural shift it’s caused around the world. Today, it’s a part of the American’s food lifestyle. On campus or off, you see sushi restaurants where people can go and enjoy. It is now an American favorite that is part of the culture. It fits in with other cultural known foods such as Mexican food. It is great to continue learning about the different aspects in culture in anthropology and hope everyone educates themselves on it.

  2. The beginning of the course also made me test my observation skills as well, although I also took photos of the event and had time stamps on them as well to go along with it. It was interesting observing what was really happening with the people around, and the conversations that went on the block. I was able to learn more of my family though my kinship chart as my mother would have some stories to go along with each family member. It was interesting to find out that we had no divorces in our kinship chart, being a Chinese family. The Cultural diffusion of various products, ideas, and companies improves the lives of many people, and I absolutely agree it skyrocketed in comparison to the 19th century. The use of Cultural diffusion and hybridization of sushi and even anime is just one example, but American restaurants such as KFC and McDonald’s are going global and are seen in places such as China, but with their own style and taste. It’s good to see the organization and outline of the weeks were clear and to the point and really makes one think of what else is culturally adopted that we can see everyday.

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