X. Bao- Week Seven- Final Reflection

The class introduces many interesting topics and information to me. And after completing the posts of each week, I had many opportunities to share my thoughts to the class, and it also gives me a chances to know the classmates’ effective and creative perspectives. I had a good time to share and communicate the class’s topics with others.

In the Week 1, we shared a featured blocks by our observations. Although, I chose a block which I had been many times, it is the first time to go there for observation goal. I observed the block in details by watching people’s expression and structures’ roles for 2 times. It is enjoyed to observe the block’s cultures. In Week 2, we talked about differences of people. How can we distinguish each other. And in this week, I read many meaningful posts from our classmates. They gave me some new perspectives about how native people think about race, because in my culture, most of people come from the same race. In Week 3, we wrote a specific rite from our daily life and analyze some elements of this ritual activity. For that post, I observed a wedding in summer and it helps me to watch a wedding by observing it from cultural aspect.

Week 4 is my favorite posts from all. It asks me to draw a family tree by using the approach taught in the class. Before I took this class, I usually draw the family tree by making a chart and clearly write the relative’s names and sometimes with their pictures. But in the kinship chart, I drew it in a more professional way by using different symbols. Another reason I liked that post is I have chance to know more about our classmates’ family. After reading their chart, I could read their family’s structures. In Week 5, we learned the economic issue from different cultures and time. I learned many type of exchange and how they work in the certain cultures. In the Week 6, we learned the information about globalization. As a international student, I prefer to learn more about this topic. Especially the reading “How Sushi Went Global” is very interesting and attractive. It tells us how the Japanese sushi to become popular in U.S. and it is a typical example of globalization.

4 thoughts on “X. Bao- Week Seven- Final Reflection

  1. I really enjoyed your post. You did a great job breaking down the information and the stringing it back together why informing what week related to what and why it was related as well. I think that we shared the same opinion as far as learning many useful things. I found it interesting how you discussed week 5 and week 6. These were the weeks that I had also discussed, it was fun to see the many perspectives of our classmates, I also like how you brought your interest into this post as well about how sushi became popular in the United States which was a part of the content but like you said as an international student would like to learn more about globalization and this is a great example of that subject. I think that many people in this class were able to apply the things that we were learning in this class to real things in their lives which made it more enjoyable.

  2. I really like your post, you analyze different weeks’ lectures. I totally agree with your opinion, that this class provide me many interesting information and provide me a opportunity to community with other classmates. My favorite week is also week four, I use graph to describe my family relationship, and find there are so many different kind of family relationship that my classmates had provide. Different culture have different effect for family relationship. For cultural adoption, I also have interest. Cultural adoption is a consequence of globalization. Different culture collide, fusion, and create a new culture products. Like the example you had provide, “How Sushi went Global”, this is a typical cultural adoption. American Chinese food is also a good example. In U.S., Chinese restaurants will provide some social Asian food to customers, like organ chicken, General Tso’s Chicken. These are modified of Chinese food, to better meet local people’s taste. In general, this course help me have new meaning and understanding of cultural anthropology. Good job.

  3. You made some really good points. For week 1, you explained that you always went by that block but never really observed the street you went by and the surrounding. That happened to me too, I would just go by the same street and never really payed attention to detail. Now when I am driving I look everywhere and notice more what’s on my left and right like for example in my town there’s a factory that just got added to our town. Observing the block helped me as well. Another good point that you made from week 6 ( lecture 6.1, slide 12) about how sushi went global. I never really stopped to think about that in America there’s so much cultural diffusion now. For example, Pokemon cards came from japan and now there’s an app that you can download called Pokemon go that everyone around the world is playing and not knowing that it cultural diffusion because people know that it’s popular. Now you and me see things differently and how we see things because we understand anthropology. I enjoyed reading your Final reflection.

  4. I like your overview of the six weeks’ main points and your self’s understanding. For week 1, you’ve mentioned that you have observed people in a block that is similar for you to finish your assignment, it’s same for me, and it’s also the first time for me to observe people so detail and earnest. And it’s same for me that week 4’s assignment is my favorite, drawing a kinship chart of my family is funny, compare to the family tree which I first see in my primary school English textbook ( I bet it’s the same for you), it is true that the kinship chart is a more professional family tree. I introduced the family plan in China in my work. In week 5 and 6, you have different understanding than I do, because these are the two assignment that are more selective, students got the chance to choose from different types of exchanges and different promos, it allows me to see from multiple perspectives and it’s really enjoyable.

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