X. Fu – Week Seven – Final Reflections

From studying this course, I have learned many things on cultural anthropology that I did not realize all the details from my past experiences. I think from my two cultural backgrounds so far till now, the materials I learned from the course helped me understand more about the concept that I’m receiving. I will explain more details in three weeks in this final reflection. They all helped me with understanding on cultural anthropology. And the connections between weeks composed me some similarities and differences on the course materials.
In week 1, when I first got to know about this course, it brought me many thinking on how we map the area where we live in everyday, how the street’s structures shape our surroundings, and how the cultural elements dive into the whole concepts. I did not realize it that much until I actually started drawing and telling the stories from the neighbors. Later when I observe other places, I will use those elements to understand the culture and other things. Cultural anthropology also does not mean a simple understanding of certain specific culture, it means more than the original culture itself.
In week 2, it focused on race and human diversity, which is full connected to the first week topic. In this lecture, it shows how people suggest race based on the first physical appearance. The physical feature makes people define what race they belong too, and furthermore, but not specifically. I’m a Chinese, and sometimes people tell me I’m Japanese because in the same race, but slightly different on physical looking though. The skin color, body shape and some detailed looking would give people a distinguishing idea on what the race I might belong to. But personally, I do not enjoy saying race by people’s looking.
Following the area, race, and week 3 brought the idea of language and religion. The focus made feel many similarities, especially on writing in English, from a native Chinese. The way how people use English and Chinese is different, so when they write, they are different in many ways on expressing ideas and thoughts. Since I learned some English when I was in China, but I do not think it is authentic comparing to the English language I’m learning here.
When many experiences came to this course and different categorizations, they help me understand more on cultural anthropology and how my background helped me realize that cultures have both similarities and differences by physical appearances, any using features.

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