Y Li – Week 7 – Final reflections

During the seven weeks’ class, I got the chance to know the world with different cultures, and the systems of different through the history and different countries. In week 2, we’ve talked about race problem and differences, in Christen Smith’s article “Blackness, Citizenship, and the Transnational Vertigo of Violence in the Americas”, it points out the different treatments for black and white people in Brazil, of course it’s unfair and incorrect, in the PBS video “Race: The Power of Illusion – Part 1” it claims that the connection among human being focus on cultures and society rather than biological terms, since all race are equal and is equal complex in different society. In week 5, the film “Pig tusks and paper money” shows the use of traditional non-paper money like shells and Dobas in different culture, it also illustrates that these traditional money are being replaced by modern money, however majority local people dislike modern money because it might cause a lot of troubles while using it in local areas. This week’s lectures and films shows where cultural difference come from and why and why they are so different from each other, it’s a good example of system of differences. In week 6 globalization and an interconnection world, we’ve talked about globalization which allow us to see multiple cultures among different countries. The paper “ how sushi went global” it shows the process of how sushi can become a popular dish in America. In fact Japanese food is not the only one of culture diffusion by food, Chinese dishes and Mexican food are also common now in America, also American food like KFC or Pizzahut are also popular in China. These shows how common globalization is with the interaction among people, although there are both advantages and shortages through this process, it’s an essential step in human development.

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  1. I enjoyed finding all of these cultural differences within society as well. Race has indeed become a large problem in the world and people need to recognize that it is not a biological factor. Although, some people will still treat race in that manner, even when they know its a cultural background. People judge other based on race and must not be ignored any longer. It was also amazing to see that people used to use different forms of exchange in replacement for money. The pig shells were unique to that culture and it was interesting to learn about. The example of Sushi going global is definitely true as the U.S. has created their own version of the food and changed it to be a part of American’s society. This type of globalization has created a strong connection and interaction for different cultures and it just shows how much globalization is growing.

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