Assignments & Grading


The final grade will be calculated using the following scale:

  • 90 – 100 = 4.0
  • 85 – 89.99 = 3.5
  • 80 – 84.99 = 3.0
  • 75 – 79.99 = 2.5
  • 70 – 74.99 – 2.0
  • 65 – 69.99 = 1.5
  • 60 – 64.99 = 1.0
  • <60 = 0

Your final grade will be based on the following criteria:

Blog Posts

Each week, students will be required to post a series of posts to the course blog. The details (prompt, legnth, etc) of each weekly Blog Post can be found on that week’s schedule page.  In some cases, the Blog Post also requires a response (meaning you need to respond thoughtfully to someone else’s post).  When it comes to the Blog Post assignments that require a response, students must complete both that week’s entry and response in order to get credit for the assignment.  If students meet all of the requirements for the assignment (due date, length requirement, entry + response), they will receive full credit.  If students don’t meet all of the requirements, they will not receive credit at all.  No partial credit is given for partially complete Blog Posts.

Posts and comments are are graded pass/fail – if you meet all the criteria you get all 10 points, if not, you get a zero. You can assume you have full points for the post UNLESS:

  1. You did not do the post/comment
  2. Your post/comment was under the required word length
  3. You did not use the correct title structure for the post
  4. Your post/comment did not address the points/questions in the prompt
  5. You did not “publish” the post and only “saved it as a draft”
  6. You did not categorize the post correctly

Final Exam

In the final week (Week Seven) of class, students will be expected to complete a final exam (accessible through D2L).  The exam will be available from Monday until Thursday at 11:59 pm of the final week.  The Final Exam is cumulative, covering all of the materials from from the semester.  The Final exam will be composed of 60 multiple choice and true/false questions.

There is a very quick turn around to process your final grade so there will be no opportunity to take the final exam after Thursday at 11:59 pm of Week Seven, so plan accordingly.

There have been questions about the content of the exam.  It is made up of multiple choice and True/False questions based on the lectures, readings, and films over the course of the previous six weeks.  The questions are randomly generated for each person by the D2L site.  As such, there is no way to develop a study guide.  Your best bet is to review the major concepts and, if you are unsure about the themes of the film, I suggest re-watching them.  There are no trick questions.

ANP 201 (online) Intro to Cult ANP (Study Guide)

Academic Integrity

In accordance with Michigan State University’s policies on “Protection of Scholarship and Grades” and “Integrity of Scholarship and Grades,” students are expected to honor principles of truth and honesty in their academic work. Academic integrity means, amongst other things, not plagiarizing. Plagiarism includes submitting anothers work (words, ideas, etc.) as their own now will the knowingly permit another student to copy and submit their work. Additional discussion of academic integrity is available on the Ombudsperson’s website.